TBR & Wrap Up: May/June 2018

Completely missed that there was a change of months. Uups. Might be because I haven’t finished a single book this month. Instead, I have watched Haikyuu!! It is amazing. But my Goodreads reading goal is complaining at me, so I should pick up my reading pace! April 2018 How far I got in the books Portal of a Thousand Worlds by Dave Duncan 87 % … Continue reading TBR & Wrap Up: May/June 2018

TBR & Wrap Up: Apr/May 2018

Not the most effective month when it comes to reading, but it has been a lot more effective when it comes to writing, so I think I still win. Anyways, I finished 2 books this month (and continued my fanfic streak). So here are the books I’ve read and what I want to read this upcoming month. April 2018 Wrap Up Heartborn (Heartborn #1) by … Continue reading TBR & Wrap Up: Apr/May 2018

In Defence of FanFiction

Fanfiction. The thing teenage girls write and read. What gave us Fifty Shades of Grey. Something no ‘normal’ human being should read. It’s just porn. I’ve heard all of those. My journey into the world of fanfiction started back in high school. I was 15. My English was now good enough for me to read longer stories without too much of a struggle, and I … Continue reading In Defence of FanFiction