The Autumn Republic

20883847The Autumn Republic by Brian McClellan

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The conclusion to The Powder Mage Trilogy, oh what an ending. I am questioning how I will talk about this without spoilers, but I’ll do it!

The first book started with the beheading of the king, and the struggle to create a democracy out of the kingdom’s ruins. Easier said than done.

The second book continued the story in such a strong way at the same time as it put down the groundwork for the third book. There are enemies all around.

This book brought the story to a climax I didn’t anticipate and kept you on the edge of your seat until the end. When looking at my Goodreads notes all I see from the second half of the book is something along the lines of “HOW WILL EVERYTHING BE TIED UP AT THE END?!” McClellan didn’t give anything away.

The characters you’ve grown to love – Tamas, Taniel, Adamat, Ka-Poel, etc. – continue to grow on you throughout this book. They are what carry this story. Well written, strong, struggling. To see their journey felt like a privilege.

Before I finish this I once more have to mention the world – I’ve said it in my previous reviews – loved to see some amazing fantasy not set in medieval times. One of the best series I’ve read (listened to) in a long time.

The capital has fallen…

Field Marshal Tamas returns to his beloved country to find that for the first time in history, the capital city of Adro lies in the hands of a foreign invader. His son is missing, his allies are indistinguishable from his foes, and reinforcements are several weeks away.

An army divided…

With the Kez still bearing down upon them and without clear leadership, the Adran army has turned against itself. Inspector Adamat is drawn into the very heart of this new mutiny with promises of finding his kidnapped son.

All hope rests with one…

And Taniel Two-shot, hunted by men he once thought his friends, must safeguard the only chance Adro has of getting through this war without being destroyed…

THE AUTUMN REPUBLIC is the epic conclusion that began with Promise of Blood and The Crimson Campaign.”


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Merlin Watch Along – S02E04: Lancelot and Guinevere

And we continue with the amazing season 2 of Merlin. Somehow it has developed so much from the first to the second season, I cannot understand. But I love it!

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This episode hit me right in the feels! Oh…oh…Lancelot! That beautiful soul and kindhearted person. He’s exactly what a knight should be. But this episode makes my heart bleed. But well, I shouldn’t start with the end of the episode. Let’s start from the beginning.

Bildresultat för lancelot and guinevere merlin
Guinevere and Lancelot

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Beauty and the Beast – My thoughts

I want and saw the long awaited Beauty and the Beast this last Friday, and oh what a beautiful film it was! I haven’t seen the 1991 animated movie more than once, and that’s at least 10 years ago, so it was like going into this just knowing the big story.

Everyone, probably, knows the story. If not, skip this paragraph since it contains spoilers. A girl taking her father’s place as a prisoner if the Beast’s castle. However, she manages to melt the Beast’s icy surface through friendliness. The village then attacks the castle and the Beast, but Belle manages to save the beast and the spell is broken.

Bildresultat för beauty and the beast 2017
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Merlin Watch Along – S02E03: The Nightmare Begins

 The second season of Merlin really shows what this show has to offer. Now the story really gets air under its wings and it will only get better from here.


This is such a beautiful episode. Again, this season was off to a shaky start with the first episode, but after that one they started doing things right. Morgana’s magic is getting stronger, and her fears are making it react. To be Uther’s ward is not a good thing when magic runs through your veins.

Bildresultat för merlin the nightmare begins
Morgana talking to Gaius

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