Mid-Year Freak Out 2016

I’ve seen a few BookTubers do this tag and I just read it at luvtoread. I think this tag is fitting and a good way to see for myself what I thought about the books I’ve read since the beginning of the year.

I’ve read 23 books and to reach my Goodreads goal I’ve got 17 more to go. But now it’s time to start!

5Best book I’ve read so far in 2016

I do not think this comes as a surprise, it is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I love the series and this book is my absolute favourite. It is as simple as that. I posted a review declared my love for it on Friday so if you want to read it CLICK HERE.

Best sequel I’ve read so far in 2016

The Well of Ascension is definitely the best sequel I’ve read so far, it’s the book where I actually liked Vin. It is slow at moments, but that was an issue in the rest of the trilogy as well. Maybe it’s just Brandon Sanderson’s style. However it was a great sequel with a story other writers would have made into a trilogy in itself.

CLICK HERE for my review.

Most anticipated release for the second half of the year

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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling My rating: 5 of 5 stars Did a buddy read with one of my friends. Of course we chose Harry Potter, and since we share favourite book in the series it was an easy choice. AND THE BOOK WAS AMAZING! The writing is so beautiful. The story so intriguing. Even though I’ve read this book … Continue reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Mythical Creatures

Mythical creatures, as a reader of fantasy you can’t escape them. They appear in all fantasy books (I at least haven’t read one where they haven’t appeared).

Ever since I read my first fantasy book I’ve loved the creatures. To be honest I can’t remember a time I haven’t been fascinated with them. My personal favourites are dragon and phoenix, and I remember when I was little me and my friend, after we’d played that we had stables filled with horses for a few years, decided the barn was a dragon stable. Those times…

To honour these magical creatures, I decided to take the BuzzFeed quiz – Which mythical creature are you? Here we go!


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Sunday Shoutout #3


One of the blogs I’m following is DANCROSSBOOKBLOG, you should read it, and this week he’s written something really great – an article about fantasy (CLICK HERE for the blog post and HERE for the article). I too have felt like fantasy isn’t always considered a “real” genre, and I think many of us fantasy lovers do.

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My TBR pile

A year ago I had about 30 books on my tbr pile, most of them I also had physical copies of. But then I started watching BookTube. They talked about books and a lot of new books I’d never heard about. This made me want to read a lot more. At the moment my Goodreads to-read shelf is 91 book long.

Here are 5 of the books on my tbr-list I look most forward to reading (if you want to see my whole tbr list CLICK HERE).

The Novice by Taran Matharu22718814

I remember I’d seen this as a recommendation on Goodreads when it came out, but it wasn’t until this spring one BookTuber (I don’t remember which) talked about it that I put it on my Goodreads tbr-shelf. It also fell into my shopping basket a month ago and now a physical copy is standing on my shelf, waiting. My plan is to read it in august, when I have a few work-free weeks.

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Harry Potter Tag

I started reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban this week so this tag seems fitting. Also, The Cursed Child premiere is around the corner and not long until Fantastic Beasts. It’s an amazing year to be a Potterhead!

Favourite Book


Might be because a certain, dark, character appears. I think you siriously know who I’m talking about…

Least Favourite Book

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