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I stumbled over this a few days ago while I was searching for interesting book blogs – The Galaxy Book Tag (Click the link for the original tag). The tag has 11 questions and I kind of liked them, so here we go!

The Sun and Moon: Celestial Companions

Name your favourite parents/parental figures in fiction.


I don’t think it’s possible to find more loving parents than Molly and Arthur Weasley from the Harry Potter universe. They became a safe haven for Harry and they stay strong through everything. (Ginny, Percy, George, Fred… Do I even need to explain?) They are what every child wants and proof that love is more important that loads of money.

Mercury: The Planet Closest to the Sun

Name your favourite friendship duo.

The dwarf Flint Fireforge and the kender Tasslehoff Burrfoot from1161181 the Dragonlance Chronicles by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman.

Flint is stubborn and old, he’s a bit grumpy but has a good heart. Tas on the other hand is young, energetic and have an air of innocence around him, plus he’s always getting into trouble. They form an incredible friendship stronger than almost anything else. Flint becomes both a father and a friend to Tas and even though he complains a lot about the kender they love each other.

Venus: Rotation Runs Counter to the Other Planets

A book or series you thought had the strangest/most unique concept.

bc1coverwThe Bronze Canticles by Tracy and Laura Hickman. I still haven’t read the last book and I don’t remember much. It’s been some time since I read the first two. But what I remember is the concept – magic through dreams. It is as confusing for the reader as it is for the characters. Three separate worlds/dimensions are linked together through a few people with the ability to travel in their dreams. This is powerful magic and dangerous to possess.

I don’t remember more. I need to reread the first two books and then finish the series.

Earth: The Planet of Life

What’s the book that “literally gave you life” (i.e. made you feel all the feels)? All time favourite book.

I should say Harry Potter here, Throne-of-glass-series-4-queen-of-shadows-uk-600x907-6879but I already used it in the first question. So I chose Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas. After a few years (more like five) of not reading a lot I happened upon the first book, and what an impact it had! It threw me out of my looong reading slump and showed me that there are books to look forward to, even after the end of Harry Potter (and now we’re getting more of HP! Life is amazing!). September can’t come too soon, I need the fifth book in the series!

Mars: The Red Planet

Name a book or series where colours play an important rhetorical purpose.

I’m drawing a blank… Embarrassing.

Jupiter: The Largest Planet in the Solar System

What’s the biggest/longest book you’ve ever read?

I think it is A Game of Thrones, 837 pages, by G.R.R. 919-fll37tlMartin. I thought I’d love the TV series, so I watched four episodes but just didn’t feel it. But everybody else loves it so I thought, maybe the book is better (usually they are). Read the first one and just didn’t feel it. I didn’t connect with any of the characters and the story didn’t grip me. I gave up.

Now it seems like a waste of time, you don’t run through 800+ pages in a day, but at least I can say I tried.

Saturn: The Ring Planet

Name a book where marriage + family are central themes.

A queendom on the point of breaking. The princess has to chose someone to marry. But when the Wizards and the Clan mistrust each other and no one trusts the princes from the southern kingdoms the choice isn’t easy.

Princess Raisa ana’Marianna is a halfblood, part Vale – part Clan, and heir to the throne. To make the correct political marriage seems impossible and her family is turning on each other. The Queen listens more and more to the High Wizard while Raisa’s father, a Clan leader, is looking out for the Clans’ interests.


The Seven Realms series by Cinda Williams Chima contains so much and still is such an easy read.

Uranus: The Sideways Planet

A book or series with a plot that left you confused.

Sea of Ghosts by Alan Campbell. It was a cover buy and what a disappointment. 5d518402243edc9148f21f1a3bc99d9fI had a hard time knowing where the plot was heading and the world just didn’t come to life. The bad guy speculated about physics in a steampunk universe with poisonous seas and dragons made from people? Unmer? I mean what? No explanations and too many different things jumbled up into one book. It felt like only the last chapter made sense.

Neptune: The Blue Planet

Name a book/series with a large focus on, in, or around a body of water.

The Book of Speculation by Erika Swyler, her debut, tells about Simon Watson, a librarian who just lost his job. One day he receives a book in the mail. In it is the name of his grandmother and the story of a carnival during the 1700s. With a family history of the women being breath holders – mermaids – at carnivals it is intriguing. But there is a dark side…

And I won’t tell you anything else. I went into this book kind of blind, and I think that is the way to go. Also, I read it as a audiobook and the narrator did such a good job! I do recommend listening to it if you haven’t got the time to read it.


Pluto: The Ice Dwarf

Name a fictional character you feel doesn’t get the love they deserve.

Ragnarok_manhwa4Fenris Fenrir from the Ragnarök manhwa by Myung-Jin Lee. She, the reincarnated Wolf God, has come back from the dead and is searching for Balder – her love. When finding him he doesn’t remember anything about his previous life. But other forces have also come back and he is their target. She devotes herself to the journey ahead and promises to follow him until the end.

She is such a strong character – amazing fighter and powerful magician. But Balder has another at his side and she is left with her feelings, keeping them secret. Everything she does, everything she sacrifices, she deserves love.

(I do have her shipped with someone and I think something would have developed between them if the manhwa hadn’t been cancelled after Volume 10. Even though it has been cancelled I recommend it. Amazing artwork. Great characters.)

Black Hole

The darkest/scariest book you’ve ever read. Bonus points if it actually gave you nightmares.

Metro 2033 by Dmitry Glukhovsky. There is a game based on this book and I think the best way to describe how dark this is is for you to watch the game trailer – CLICK HERE.

The story begins after humankind has been destroyed in a nuclear war. The remaining humans live in the Moscow metro and are struggling to survive. There are rumours about people living in the Saint Petersburg metro but there is no way to contact them. Everything above ground is radioactive and there are strange mutated creatures roaming the emptiness. Not even the metro tunnels are safe. And when Artyom’s home station is attacked it is through the tunnels he must travel in search for help.

No nightmares, thankfully.


Your favourite tragic downfall in fiction (whether of the villain or hero).

RaistlinRaistlin from the Dragonlance Legends (and Dragonlance Chronicles).

He’s a powerful magician, but his body’s paid the price for his power and he suffers from weak health. Still he’s ambitious and believes in himself. You go through the whole Dragonlance Chronicles not knowing whether to trust him or not – he is on the good side but states himself it’s only because their goal at the moment is the same.

In the Legends he plays a bigger role and you get to see him taking on the role of the villain. Your relationship with him is difficult. He knows that what he’s doing people think is wrong, but he doesn’t care. You hate and admire him. His downfall is tragic and heroic.


A book or series with the most colourful cast of characters.

httyd-new-logoHow to Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell. You’ve probably seen the movie. Now, read the book. The story is completely different. The characters are diverse, lovable and funny. Toothless is not at all the badass he’s in the movie. Snoutlout is a hardcore bully and Fishlegs has a much bigger role. You’ll read the first book in a day and laugh out loud while reading.


A book or series that does not take place on Earth as we know it or takes place on another planet or in another galaxy entirely.

mistborn-vin-christian-mcgrath-artMistborn by Brandon Sanderson. So many have been talking about this series. I’ve only read the original trilogy but it was such an incredible story, a bit slow in places, but incredible. And the reason for me choosing it is that it takes place in another world. I do not think it is an alternative earth, but a different dimension (or galaxy). I’ve heard there is a larger plot binding many of his different series together. Which means some of the characters in Mistborn might show up again, in some gigantic, multi-dimensional storyline. Did I explain that well?

This took some time to finish! 10/11 questions answered, I think i did well. If you want to do this tag, DO IT! (I won’t tag anyone.) And please, link it in the comments so I can find it and read it. If you want you can also tweet Vermillion Dynamo, who made this tag, at @Vermillion2K15.


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