Sunday Shoutout #1

I got the idea for this while reading amazing blogposts on so many different book blogs. It might not be every Sunday, depending on what I find and if I’ve got the time to search for stuff. Hope you enjoy!


I read DBB:s review of Throne of Glass (CLICK HERE to read the review) and there were so many things I could relate to! Here are a few of the grains of gold I found:

“books from the perspective of characters who were strong and brave but really stupid at the same time /…/ Calaena wasn’t that stupid, which I thank the author for.”

I agree a 100 % with this statement! Sarah J. Maas has written an incredibly diverse and believable character.

“Both the main male characters were really charming.”

Team Dorian or team Chaol?

“This book went from something that would put me in a reading slump to being a book that received a 5 star rating.”

I didn’t share this feeling (insta-love for me…) but it is understandable. Just continue, the series will only get better!


Click on the picture to get to the Goodreads page


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