Sunday Shoutout #3


One of the blogs I’m following is DANCROSSBOOKBLOG, you should read it, and this week he’s written something really great – an article about fantasy (CLICK HERE for the blog post and HERE for the article). I too have felt like fantasy isn’t always considered a “real” genre, and I think many of us fantasy lovers do.

One of my pet peeves is seeing the words ‘Sci-Fi and Fantasy’ above a bookshelf in a well-known bookstore. I mean, why? These are two wildly different genres

This has never bothered me, but the size of this two-genre shelf is often significantly smaller than a lot of other one-genre shelves.

Fantasy is a world away from your own /…/ Fantasy is excitement without leaving your chair. Fantasy is rooting for the little guy/girl /…/ Fantasy, quite simply, is brilliant.

And that is why I love fantasy more than any other genre. Especially the part where I can leave this world behind for a few hours.


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