Mythical Creatures

Mythical creatures, as a reader of fantasy you can’t escape them. They appear in all fantasy books (I at least haven’t read one where they haven’t appeared).

Ever since I read my first fantasy book I’ve loved the creatures. To be honest I can’t remember a time I haven’t been fascinated with them. My personal favourites are dragon and phoenix, and I remember when I was little me and my friend, after we’d played that we had stables filled with horses for a few years, decided the barn was a dragon stable. Those times…

To honour these magical creatures, I decided to take the BuzzFeed quiz – Which mythical creature are you? Here we go!


Pick a combination of the elements

Earth and Fire. I always thought of them as the most powerful and grounded elements. (Earth, grounded, haha^^ I can’t be the only one to find this funny.)

Pick a book

Harry Potter, of course. Not much of a choice for me there.

What is a “hero” to you?

Difficult…either Someone who rises to the occasion or Someone who uses their strength wisely. Okay, I’ll go with the first one, Someone who rises to the occasion.

Pick a sky


What do you look for in a significant other?


Pick your favourite food

This might be difficult…THEY’VE GOT LEMBAS AS A CHOICE! But I’ll go with the berries, feels very Nordic.

Describe yourself in one word

Flexible…no, carefree maybe not… Indestructible, I think that’s me (y)

Pick a place to live

Not where there are palm trees. *Scrolls down to look at the choices.* Found my place!


And now the result… *Dramatic drums* Bam bam baaamm…!

I got: Phoenix!

6d2754ccOne of my favourite mythical creatures! I hoped for dragon but it seems that’s not the case. This is what it says about me:

“You fiery inferno of awesome. You’re associated with hope, immortality, and regeneration. You’re essentially immortal, so you’re an old soul, and a pro at deflecting drama without causing more conflict. You prefer observation to action, and you’re an excellent judge of character. You’re quiet by nature, but when it comes to a fight, you’re a fierce adversary.”

This was so much fun! Now I’ll continue read one fo the tree books I’m reading at the moment. Might as well finish one of them.

If you want to take this quiz CLICK HERE and tell me your result in the comments!


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