How did this happen? – Real Neat Blog Award

real-neat-blog-awardI do not know how this happened. Last week I posted the Liebster Award post and now here is another award! I never had believed this when I started blogging. I was just hoping for maybe one comment here and there, not at all expecting the community surrounding reading and blogging.

So a huge THANK YOU JASMINE from How useful it is! You are so kind! Everyone, definitely check her blog out.

But first. let’s begin with the rules…


Jasmine’s Questions

1. Do you have a snack with you while you read?
Not very often, I  don’t like to risk getting food in my books. And when I read I want to read, not focusing on eating.

2. Do you ask your real life friends to read more books just because you love to read?
I think this has happened…It’s not that I ask the, to read more, I just continuously recommend them books.

3. Do you memorise quotes from your favourite books?
No, I don’t. Often I read something I like and think “This is awesome! I need to remember this…” but then I don’t write it down and forget.

4. How many books do you have on your nightstand right now?
I only got one…or actually two. Harry Potter Page to Screen has been there for a while. But the main one is The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan.

5. Why is it that you like to read?
It’s an escape. Somewhere to go when reality sucks. Your own problems feel much less problematic after you read about a group of people trying to save the world from a crazy god.

6. Do you read one book from beginning to end before start a new one?
No, I usually read a few at the same time. If some book is flirting with me I pick it up, this resulting in it taking a really long time to finish some books, like the one on my nightstand at the moment.

7. What is your favourite book of all time?
Harry Potter. The whole series! They mean the most to me and are always there for me. I know I’ll like it and get the feels while reading them!

My Questions for the Nominees

1. Have you read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child yet?

2. Can you swim? (In Finland you have to be able to swim 200m (656ft) in one go, otherwise it doesn’t count.)

3. Favourite sport?

4. What are your thoughts on magic? (Doesn’t have to be Harry Potter style.)

5. What do you want to do in 20 years?

6. You could have dinner with five persons from history (they mustn’t be alive today). Which five?

7. What would you talk about? (Continuation to question number 6.)

The Nominees

 My Adventure Over the Rainbow

An outcast wayfarer


Literary Dust

This took me way to long to sit down and write… I think it’s been 1-2 weeks since my nomination and I feel embarrassed. And I still haven’t written my August TBR! Well, it is coming soon… Probably next week. Also, I hope I understand how pingbacks work… Nominees, did it you get a pingback?

But again a huge thank you to Jasmine for nominating me!


6 thoughts on “How did this happen? – Real Neat Blog Award

  1. Hey, Yes it worked!!!
    Thanks by the way for nominating me, I will probably take as long, maybe even longer!!!


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