How…? The Sunshine Blogger Award

Thank you so much Jasmine from How Useful It Is for nominating me! I do not understand how this is possible, I’ve only been blogging for a almost 2 months. If you don’t follow her, take a minute to check her blog out, its’ filled with bookish goodness. Thank you so much!

Sunshine Blogger Award

Time to answer some questions.

Who is your book boyfriend?

Not off to an easy start are we? Hm… My latest book boyfriend would have to be Han Alister from the Seven Realms series. If you’ve read it you understand 😀

What other hobbies do you enjoy doing, apart from reading?

It used to be only football, but nowadays it’s all kinds of group exercises or team sports. I’ve been playing a lot of beach volley this summer. Also, swimming is amazing.

Do you read in silent or noise doesn’t bother you?

Noise doesn’t bother me. I always have music on in the background. If it’s silent I just hear all the small sound, so it’s much better to have a wall of music.

Have you been on a book tour?

Nope, never. But it sounds amazing!

Do you buy cute notebooks?

I don’t buy notebooks. For my studies I write on the computer or sheets of paper (which I then put into a folder) so I have no use of them. The few times I buy notebooks I don’t go for cute, I like the more fancy, old-fashioned or traditional ones.

Do you take notes while you read for your reviews?

I don’t, but I’ve been thinking of starting. I sometimes write some notes on Goodreads when I update the page number, but other than that no. I also try to write the review as soon as I’ve finished the book. That way I’m in the mood and the storm of feelings that usually is left after you’ve finished a book. This is why my reviews are so short. But I think that it’s making me write about the best and most problematic things about the book.

Do I make sense?

What’s your favourite fruit to eat?

Honeydew or banana^^

Where in the world have you visited within this year or last year?

I went to Naples, Italy, with my boyfriend this spring. We also took the train from Naples to Pompeii and Vesuvius. I loved Pompeii, the ruins were so much bigger than what I’d expected! If you ever get the chance to visit, go!

Copyright: My Boyfriend

Other than that, only been travelling inside Finland. Only coming home for summer was a trip of over 300 km (187 miles). Finland is huge…

Do you have a Goodreads reading challenge for this year, if so what is it?

I do participate in the Goodreads reading challenge and my goal is 40 books. So almost one book a week. At the moment I’ve read 24 books, so I’m ahead of schedule.

What’s your favourite childhood book?

Harry Potter. I didn’t read before I read the Harry Potter books. I could write a whole post on my love for the series, but I feel like it’s been done a thousand times already so that takes the excitement out of it. But yes, Harry Potter is one of my best childhood memories.

How often do you check your blog?

Every day! (Often a few times every day…) I hope it’s not too often… But I just started blogging so it’s new and exiting. I also love responding to comments as soon as possible.

I nominate

The Tattooed Book Geek

Closet Readers

My Adventures Over the Rainbow


Nerdy Is Beautiful

My Questions

1. If you had written a book/series, which one would you like to have your name on?

2. Last movie you saw and your thoughts on it.

3. Have you ever cried when reading a book? If yes, which one/ones?

4. Describe your family in 3 words.

5. Which book bad guy would you least like to have as your nemesis?

6. How much do you spend on books per month?

7. Have you ever met an other blogger (who you met over the internet)?

8. If you only could listen to one song for the rest of this year, which one would it be?

9. Have you ever met an author? If yes, who? If no, who would you like to meet?

10. Do you watch the Olympics?

11. If you could do a collaboration with someone, who would it be?

I love these awards, given to blogger by bloggers. They make the community so much fund and give more people the chance to get an award. It really motivates you^^ I hope to read my nominees answers soon!


9 thoughts on “How…? The Sunshine Blogger Award

  1. I like to read & write short reviews too. I like to get the main point of the book instead of dig down and write about every little corners of the book. Also, I can’t spend a lot of time reading long reviews either because I am already short on reading time. (So many books, so little time). I enjoyed reading your answers 😊 That’s awesome that you have traveled to Pompeii!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Myself I seldom read long reviews. Like you, I don’t have the time. Often I just skim through them.

      I do recommend Pompeii! We went off season, and I have to say I’m glad we did. You got the time to walk around without the crowd and experience a silence I think suits the ruins. It was such a beautiful place! If you ever go, Pompeii is almost a one-day thing, it took us 4 hours to see everything! Plus the travel to and from Naples.

      Liked by 1 person

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