Aesthetic changes

Updated the theme of my blog. I loved the theme I had but I had one issue with it. I never got the header to look as good as I wanted. And if I just had the blog name visible it looked so… empty. I’m going to try this out for a while now.

What do you think? Is it better than before?

4 thoughts on “Aesthetic changes

    1. Haha^^ That was kind of what I was going for. I liked everything except the top of the page. So if it had been possible I would just have changed that, but I didn’t get it right so had to change the theme. But now I’m happy^^

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  1. I love the new look. It still fits the feel of the old blog, clean and simple but at the same time, it felt fresh. 🙂 I hope that make any senses because I suck at explaining things.


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