More Harry Potter – I CAN’T HANDLE THIS!

WE ARE GETTING MORE BOOKS ON HARRY POTTER! Sure, everything already exists on Pottermore, but my point still stands – we are getting more BOOKS on Harry Potter! Look at these beauties…

I just saw Kristin a.k.a. SuperSpaceChick liking these on Goodreads and I couldn’t believe my eyes. All three books are released on September 6th 2016 as ebooks (hopefully there will be hardcovers soon as well).

These are the books in the Pottermore Pesents series:

Click on the name of the books to see their Goodreads pages.

Pottermore Presents is a collection of J.K. Rowling’s writing: short reads originally featured on with some exclusive new additions. These eBooks, with writing curated by Pottermore, will take you beyond the Harry Potter stories as J.K. Rowling reveals her inspiration, intricate details of characters’ lives and surprises from the wizarding world.

– Goodreads


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