The Harry Potter Book Tag

This is the second Harry Potter themed tag I’m doing (but I didn’t get tagged for the first one) and I love it! Thank you bookishafterthoughts so much for this! Harry Potter is the best thing there is ♥ Click on her name to read her answers to the questions asked in this tag, and then you should read her other posts as well (but remember to come back here and read my answers as well..).

Touch of PowerA book you found interesting but would like to rewrite

Touch of Power. I loved the concept and the history. But the characters, oh the characters… The book needed at least a hundred pages more to get the characters right. I just wanted more from every single one of them.

A Dance of CloacksA first book in a series that got you hooked

A Dance of Cloaks. This book, I bought it not knowing anything about it and I’m so thankful I did! The ride it took me on – David Dalglish has to be the best action writer there is. And when following a young assassin through the underworld, you have to be able to write fighting scenes.

Empire of StormsA book you wish you could have right now

Empire of Storms. The wait is almost over, I pre-ordered it but am still waiting. This has to be my most anticipated book since Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I wasn’t at all prepared for the ending in Queen of Shadows and I need this now. Sarah J. Maas has achieved something amazing in this book series.

Another book that could be here is Doors of Stone (Kingkiller Chronicels #3) by Patrick Rothfuss. But there isn’t even a release date on that one yet.

Death NoteA killer book

Death Note. Yes, this is a manga, but if graphic novels count as books so does manga. And this one if definitely the most killer thing there is. If you haven’t read it or watched the anime you should. It is a supernatural crime drama where the main character, Light Yagami, finds a Death Note – a note book which has the power to kill the person whose name is written in it. The scariest thing is that you understand Light’s thought process. I love it.

suomuA book you found confusing

Suomu by Sari Peltoniemi. The only reason this book left me confused was that it is in Finnish. I read it for school (but it took me a lot longer than the time we had). I kind of want to reread it to see if I understand it better now. But well, there are so many books I rather read (they’re in English).

I think there was an element of time travel in this…

Dragons of Autumn TwilightYour spirit animal book

This has to be the hardest pick, but I decided to go for Dragons of Autumn Twilight. It is everything I want in a book. Stereotypical high fantasy, dragons, heroes, gods, races, villains and a world about to fall into shadow. What is there not to like? This book would definitely be my spirit animal book.

Metro 2033A dark, twisted book

Metro 2033. The darkest book I’ve ever read. It is an incredible, post-apocalyptic journey through one of the last human settlements – the Moscow metro. This book is one I’d want everyone to read, I should reread it myself… If the title sounds familiar it might be because there is a game based on this book, and I think it’s quite popular. But I have to say I much rather read the book than play the game. Because darkness…

The Book of SpeculationA book that surprised you in a great way, reveals to be more than it is

I’ve mentioned this book before a few times, but I want to do it again – The Book of Speculation. This book was a bit out of my comfort zone, but what a read! (“read”, I listened to it on audiobook.) I’m still not sure whether there is some kind of magic in this or not.

How Useful It Is

Fantastic Books and Where to Find Them


Where Dragons Reside

This was so difficult! Half of the answers came to me directly, the other half… Jeez. Living without my bookshelves doesn’t help either (they’re at my parents’). I’m so glad I’ve got Goodreads.

As I already mentioned this was the second Harry Potter themed tag I’ve done, CLICK HERE to read the previous one.

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