And we’re on for another round – The Versatile Blogger Award #2

Two days after I posted my The Versatile Blogger Award, I got nominated again. And since it says to nominate 15 bloggers and I only nominated 6, I’ll do this again – nominating 9 more people.

A huge thank you to Tammy from A Word About Books for nominating me ♥

Versatile Blogger Award

7 facts about me

I have had such a bad reading month…

I studied Geology for two years before I changed to Environmental Engineering.

To become a faster read is a goal of mine. I just don’t practise a lot. It’s not like just picking up a book and read, you have to think about how your reading. I Googled it.

I’ve been considering not buying any new books next year, just reread books from my bookshelf. But there are books coming out I need so I think it won’t happen. But it could be a goal to read at least half of the books next year from my bookshelf. I’d save money.

My bed is my favourite place in my apartment.

I’d want to learn German and Russian.

If I did I’d know 5½ languages!
(Norwegian I do understand, but I can’t speak.)

I nominate

Flawless Reads

Aspiring Thoughts

Butterflies & Machineguns

M Reads Books


My Parisian Bookshelf

Songs Wrote My Story

The Little Mermaid


That’s it! Now I’ve nominated 15 people in total and you’ve gotten double the amount of facts about me. I hope you enjoy!


15 thoughts on “And we’re on for another round – The Versatile Blogger Award #2

  1. Yes! I have had the same thought about not buying any new books for a year. What I did instead was put together an Amazon Wish List and dropped all the books on there I wanted new. Over the last year many of my friends and family have surprised me with these books. Not all of them, but it really helped out financially. Good luck with your re-reads!


    1. Thank you! And what a good idea^^ But then I’ll have to wait for all the new books until December since my birthday is just a few days before Christmas. I shouldn’t complain, this just screams first world problem 😛 🙂


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