A Wizard’s Forge

A Wizard's ForgeA Wizard’s Forge by A.M. Justice

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book came out just a few days ago but I was lucky enough to receive an ARC from Netgalley. Now I’ve finally finished it!

After reading the synopsis I wasn’t a hundred percent sure if this book was up my alley, it sounded way too Sci-fi, but I thought I’d try something a little bit different. And I am so glad I did!

One of the strongest points in this novel is the procession of time. We follow the main character over many years, from her kidnapping and her being sold as a mistress, in her search for freedom. And since this journey takes many years (and still isn’t finished) you only read about the things most important. It is refreshing compared to many other books I’ve read, where jumps in time isn’t really happening.

I really enjoyed the main character, Vic. She’s strong without the “Hey! Look at me!”-attitude but she isn’t a wallflower either. She is easy to relate to, and even if I haven’t been through half the stuff she’s going through (thankfully) I do understand her behaviour and struggles.

So why did I only give it 3 stars (I liked it)?

The writing style sometimes couldn’t hold my interest and I drifted off, especially in the middle. Also, many of the secondary characters were very similarly written, which made me confuse who’s point of view I was reading from (especially at one point near the end with Ashel and Geram, I think you’ll know when I mean if you’ve read this book).

I don’t give half stars, but this book really made me consider it. However, it didn’t live up to 4 stars.

And those are the reasons I gave the book 3 stars.

“Scholar. Slave. Warrior. Wizard.

On a planet far from Earth, descendants of marooned space travelers fight a decades-long war. Shy scholar Victoria knows nothing of this conflict until pirates kidnap and sell her to the sadistic tyrant behind it. He keeps her naked and locked in a tower, subjecting her to months of psychological torture. After seizing an opportunity to escape, Vic joins the fight against her former captor and begins walking a bloody path toward revenge.

As the Blade, Vic gains glory raiding her enemy’s forces, but the ordeal in his tower haunts her. Bitter memories keep her from returning the love of the kindhearted Prince Ashel, whose family has fended off the tyrant’s invading army for a generation. When enemy soldiers capture Ashel, Vic embarks on a quest to rescue him and, on the journey, discovers a source of spectacular power. With wizardry, Vic can rescue the prince, end the war, and wreak the vengeance she craves, but she might also destroy her only chance for peace.”

– Goodreads

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