Merlin Watch Along: S01E02 – Valiant

The second week of Merlin Watch Along has come to an end and here are our spoiler-y thoughts on episode 2, season 1.
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And we are back with a new episode. In this episode, Arthur needs to find the ability to trust in Merlin, a servant. I really liked this episode because this is where Arthur and Merlin’s trust in each other really begins. Merlin begins to see the good points in Prince Arthur while Arthur begins to trust Merlin.

Ooooh the second episode! Now we get to glimpse what this series will become! The relationship between Merlin and Arthur starts taking form. You get to see Uther’s and Arthur’s relationship, and the pressure Arthur has to prove himself to his father. This episode really does a lot for the characters.

While Arthur’s good qualities were unseen in the first episode, this episode begins to show his better characteristics. Mainly, he is willing to risk his pride and status to trust in Merlin’s warning. Arthur stands up to his father, the king, because he sees more in people beyond their status. What I love about this episode is that you really see Arthur’s character that you didn’t see in the first episode.

Arthur: Aren’t you forgetting something? – My sword!

The scene Princess just talked about, where Arthur stands up to the king, is my least favourite scene in this episode. I understand it, Arthur starts to trust Merlin and you as a viewer see the pressure of court put on Arthur, but I don’t like seeing one of the main characters being made a fool of. I cringed through it.

Yes, this is a very Merlin-Arthur heavy episode (and look forward to more of those). The bad guy, Valiant, is not that important. Still, if he had achieved his goals, the series would have ended here. So I think he needs mentioning.

Uther, Arthur and Valiant

This episode definitely sets up the dynamic between Merlin and Arthur for the rest of show and even foreshadows future events. Overall, this isn’t my favourite episode in the series, but it definitely sets up the rest of the season in a humorous and cute way.

Synopsis from Merlin Wiki:

S01E02 – Valiant
“Camelot is hosting an annual Tournament, and knights from throughout the realm have come to compete for its coveted title. Among those hoping to win the crown is the Knight Valiant. Armed with a magical shield, he will stop at nothing to win his prize, even if it means killing Arthur! Merlin tries to expose Valiant as a cheat to save Arthur’s life, but even those closest to him do not believe his claims…”


4 thoughts on “Merlin Watch Along: S01E02 – Valiant

    1. It is loosely based on the Arthurian Legends, but I didn’t know anything about them before I started watching.

      So if you’re interested, I highly recommend watching 😀 But beware of the spoilers that exist all over internet.

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