A Space Between Worlds Vol.1: Conception

32074234A Space Between Worlds Vol.1: Conception by J.D. Woodson

My Rating: 1 of 5 stars

I got this as an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

This book was… weird. I have never read anything like it and I don’t think I ever will again.

The characters all sounded the same. The world left me confused. The story didn’t move anywhere for the first half of the book. I didn’t like the poetry/philosophy writing style.This book wasn’t at all up my alley.

I will leave the review like this and put this book behind me.

“Songstress Shanti’s final performance is no different than any other. Gazing into the mirror, the Songstress laments her faceless curse. To hide her unsightliness, she dons a beautiful mask. She knows she doesn’t belong in the darkness. Her desire is to live in a world of eternal light, to be seen for who she truly is.

An enigmatic man who calls himself Avidia beckons Shanti, claiming to know how to conceive the world of light sleeping inside of her, and escape her current world of darkness, Cauraaha. Avidia poses the question that will be the key to her desire, as well as an unresolved pain:

“What is your first memory?”

Reno, a gentle florist, has his own stigma, a translucent coil of thorns wrapped around his arm, draining him of life at the utterance of the word “Promise”. Hidden away in his heart is the knowledge of a past he doesn’t wish to face, one that connects to Shanti, Avidia, and her curse.

A dual narrative of introspection and self-discovery, A Space Between Worlds eloquently questions the truths of life and death, timeless bonds, and regret through lyrical imagination, philosophy, surrealism, and a journey through the unconscious mind.”

– Goodreads

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