Merlin Watch Along: S01E03 – The Mark of Nimueh

The review of this episode was first posted on Ampersand Princess’ blog, which does not exist anymore. However, here is my part of the review:


Here we are at episode 3, The Mark of Nimueh. And where to start, this is that kind of episode I think of when I think of Merlin. The misuse of magic, how they need to solve the problem, Uther being blind to reason. You finally know the characters well enough so they can put more effort on the story instead of character introductions (but I’m still waiting for a awesome Morgana episode).


So in this episode people start dying of an unknown disease. Merlin and Gaius start searching for a cure and a cause, but when Gwen’s father falls sick Merlin decides to take matters into his own hands. You can guess how that will go. I think this episode really shows that nothing is without consequences.

The best part in this episode definitely nobody believing Merlin when he told them his big secret. I remember when I saw it the first time, oh my I was nervous! But then, oh poor Merlin, everyone starts laughing.

Bildresultat för the mark of nimueh

Nimueh is also introduced in this episode, and I just want to tell you one thing, remember her.



Season 1

E01 | E02


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