Merlin Watch Along: S01E04 – The Poisoned Chalice

We are here, week 4 of our Merlin Watch Along, I hope you enjoy it. So let’s get on with the review, shall we?


In this episode we see the treaty between Uther’s Camelot and King Bayar taking place. They have been at war for many years and finally there will be peace between them. But as you can imagine, not all will go according to plan.

Nimueh is back for revenge. And this time, she decides to target our beloved Merlin! Oh no! Poor, naive Merlin is tricked into drinking a poisoned cup. Without an antidote, Merlin will die and he will never help Arthur secure his destiny as the Once and Future King.

Bildresultat för merlin bayard
Uther welcomes King Bayard

And this is where Arthur’s good qualities really shine: he disobeys his father’s orders and goes off to find an antidote for Merlin. After all, Merlin saved his life. It really shows his potential to be a different king from his father and how he values all of his people, regardless of status.

Morgana: “Sometimes you’ve got to do what you think is right and damn the consequences.”
Arthur: “You think I should go.”
Morgana: “It doesn’t matter what I think.”
Arthur: “If I don’t make it back, who will be the next king of Camelot? There’s more than just my life at stake.”
Morgana: “And what kind of king would Camelot want? One that would risk his life to save that of a lowly servant or one who does what his father tells him to?”

With urging of the righteous and badass Morgana, Arthur decides what kind of king he wishes to be.

I completely agree with Princess about Arthur. You really get to see his good heart and how much he cares for servants, a.k.a. Merlin. You also start to hate Uther, and believe me, he will get worse. Uther crushing the flower in his hand was such a strong scene, it really conveys his brutality. But it also conveys his dedication and belief in his system, and I think that is something Arthur will need as the Once and Future King.

What I love about this episode is that even when Arthur goes off to save Merlin, Merlin still ends up saving Arthur and Arthur never figures it out.

Relaterad bildTo put what Princess just said in other words – this is also the episode when you really see how thick Arthur can be. Not only doesn’t he ever realise that Merlin has magic, but show him a lady in need (Nimueh) and every thinking process seems to stop working. That might be a bit harsh, but how did he not notice the conversation going from “Hi! I’m lost, can you help me?” to “Oh, you’re searching for the flower? I know these woods and these caves. I can show you the way”. She was very lost, indeed.

And when Arthur returns and saves Merlin, why do Gwen kiss Merlin? I’m really not a fan of that. No, I have never been able to ship them.

And of course, we can’t forget that MerlinXGwen action. OH MY GOD. When I first saw this, I did NOT expect this to happen. Ugh, now that I look back on it, I REALLY hate that this happens. Later on in the show, I will explain why, but damn, I wish they really didn’t do this. It had so much potential for the rest of the season/show, but the Merlin/Gwen ship was super disappointing.


The conversation Gaius and Uther have in the end is so intruiging, and I know what it is about since I’ve seen this series before! But you who haven’t, it is a good revelation and explains quite a few things. What is it they might have to tell Arthur about Nimueh?

Relaterad bild
Nimueh disguised as a servant

An one more thing before this is over, next week’s episode will be amazing! Introducing one of my favourite characters! Not going to say more. Until next time.



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