Blogger Recognition Award

blogger-recognition-awardGosh this has been a draft for long. But better late than never. A huge Thank You to Klara @ RibbonReviews for nominating me! Go check her blog out if you feel like finding a book at least I would never have thought about. So many great recommendations.

And then let’s get on with the award. As always, I’ll start with the rules.

Blogger Recognition Award

The Brief Story of How My Blog Started

Once upon a time there was a young woman who loved books. However, she had lost her reading spirit and not read a single book for many years. But then, one cold, dark evening in February, she found something magical – The BookTube. The magic spreading from the BookTube found and reawakened her reading spirit. The joy was immense!

But then the months went by, and a bit of the magic lost its power. The young woman thought to herself: “I can’t let my spirit die again.” So one summer evening she made a decision – to create a place where she could keep her spirit alive.

And that is the story of how A Book Lover’s Corner was created.

2 Pieces of Advice

Make a schedule and stick to it. If you don’t feel like you can keep up with posting every day, don’t. My own schedule is a post every second day.

Schedule you posts! This is a lifesaver. Almost all of my posts are scheduled and sometimes weeks in advance. You will get these idea-booms and then idea-droughts. When I have a boom I can write up to 10 posts in a few days, that’s over 2 weeks worth of posts. But I know I will get those 2 weeks droughts from time to time, so it’s good to be prepared.



Where Dragons Reside



Ampersand Princess


Literary Dust

Lorraine Ambers

And I will put the 7 first who likes this post here as well:

Unbolt Me


Girl Who Reads


Anywhere With Brooke


Writing With Style

I hope you enjoyed the story I wrote. I thought I’d do it a little differently. And the advice, those are what keeps me going. I could never have a schedule with a post every day or only once a week. Find what fits you!

18 thoughts on “Blogger Recognition Award”

  1. 🙂 thanks for the tag! totally agree with scheduling posts. I didn’t start scheduling until a few months ago and it’s changed everything! now I write when I can and when I’m inspired to write and don’t stress out about it

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