Book Shuffle #3

I really enjoy doing this monthly tag, hosted by Clockwork Bibliophile. As always, I put one of my Spotify lists on random and the first song to start playing will be paired with a book. These are my previous ones #1 and #2, but let’s see what happens today!

Song: Wings of Serenity (Acoustic)
Artist: Falconer
Album: Falconer (Ultimate Edition)

Book chosen:

Elder Gods The DreamersThe Elder Gods by David and Leigh Eddings

“Somewhere beyond the farthest pole of the world, the land of Dhrall lies anchored by the will of four powerful Gods. Able to bend reality to their whims and influence the lives of mortal men, these deities are still bound by the laws of nature and cannot take lives. Yet the Gods are not the only power. For in the center of Dhrall lives a voracious horror known as the Vlagh. A nightmare made flesh, the Vlagh has bred a massive army of hideous monsters to overrun the world.

In the coming battles the people of Dhrall will be aided by a ragtag force of foreign mercenaries and pirates, but the true champions of the war will be four enigmatic children known as the Dreamers. Raised by the Gods themselves, these children can alter the fabric of reality. But, unlike the Elder Gods, the Dreamers do not hesitate to kill…”

– Goodreads

Why did I chose this book?

This was difficult, I searched for the perfect book with a character completely in tune with his/her surroundings. I know I have read about such a character, but my Goodreads shelf didn’t help me at all.

So I had to change approach somewhat, and I thought, gods and goddesses. They are usually the thing humans strive to be like and admire. They are up there, looking down at us. And then I found Elder Gods by David and Leigh Eddings. The story is not at all as peaceful as the song, but there are gods, and mighty ones at that.

Oh, you graceful eagle
That soar in the air,
How I enjoy your chainless life
You are calling from your sky
Living under the sun,
Just riding the winds up high.

This was not my best choice for a song-book pairing. Better pairing next month! And a question to you – Which book would you have paired with this song?


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