Merlin Watch Along: S01E06 – A Remedy to Cure All Ills

And we are on for yet another week of Merlin! This week is all about E06. This means that we now are halfway through the first season, it is wonderful!

Cassiopeia | Princess

Now this is one of the creepier episodes of Merlin in my opinion because it deals with magical bugs that enter your body and kill you. It sent me shivers just thinking about it.

I completely agree with Princess here, this is a great episode, but the bugs, oh I hate them.

Morgana gets ill and Gaius is having trouble finding a cure. Of course, no one knows that magical bugs are involved, yet. I love the fact how worried everyone is, especially Arthur.

Edwin talking to Uther

Edwin mysteriously shows up claiming that he has a “remedy to cure all ills”. Suspicious indeed. Yet, his treatment works and Morgana is cured and Gaius is blamed for incompetence. Poor Gaius, he is the sweet, most caring old man and physician in the kingdom and Uther disregards him the moment he makes a “mistake”. Uther is the biggest jerk.

Oh how can Uther be that stupid? A man he has known and trusted his whole life is just thrown aside because somebody new happens to cure one illness. Uther really becomes blind when the matter surrounds on of two things, magic and Morgana.

And Edwin, I disliked him from the start, and then he just grew worse and worse.

Gaius is rightly suspicious of Edwin and upon investigation and Merlin’s natural affinity to get in trouble, Merlin learns that Edwin has been using magic. Caught in the act, Edwin encourages Merlin to become his apprentice despite the law banning magic.

When Gaius discovers Edwin’s true heritage, Edwin threatens to tell the king of Merlin’s magic. After learning who Edwin is, Gaius goes to ask help of… the Great Dragon! I remember when I saw this episode for the first time, this blew my mind. And when the Dragon tells him he has to make a choice, it breaks your heart a little.

Edwin’s story, even though I really dislike him, makes me feel sorry for him and I do understand him in some way. If what he’d been through happened to me, I don’t know if I’d have the power to stay on the righteous path. I do think it is really easy to start living for revenge. Especially if you feel that it is within your reach.

This episode really focuses on a parent’s love for their child or as close to it. Gaius sacrifices his job to save Merlin. Uther was willing to try almost anything to save Morgana and Edwin was determined to avenge his parents’ death. Of course, Merlin realizes the truth and saves the day by saving both Uther and Gaius in the end.

This was a Gaius-centric episode that really shows Gaius’s love for Merlin and the guilt he feels for the Great Purge.



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