The Joy of Christmas Tag

I wasn’t tagged but saw this over on BookSayerReads and fell for it. I haven’t been tagged for anything Christmas related so now I’m taking stuff into my own hands. Let’s begin!


The Christmas excitement is real, what book release(s) are you most anticipating?

None of them have a cover yet, but Doors of Stone by Patrick Rothfuss (not even an expected publication date yet) and the sixth book in Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas are definitely my most anticipated reads.

Christmas Songs/Carols

What book or author can you not help but sing its praises?

My two all time favourite authors are J.K. Rowling and Patrick Rothfuss. They are worth all the praise possible! Incredible imagination and use of words.

Gingerbread Houses

What book or series has wonderful world building?

Some of the best world building is definitely found in the epic fantasy worlds. Here are some of the greatest worlds built in fiction. The time and effort put into these is unimaginable to me.

A Christmas Carol

Favourite classic or one that you want to read?

I haven’t read that many classics, and those I’ve read I wasn’t that big a fan of. But since I haven’t read it I’d like to read A Christmas Carol.

Christmas Sweets

A book you would love to receive for Christmas?

Harry Potter illustrated editions (British). If I got them all it would be my third complete set Harry Potter books…

Candles in the Window

What book gives you the warm fuzzy feeling?

The Harry Potter books, especially the first one. And as I said, I would love to get the illustrated editions for Christmas.

harry potter

Christmas Decorations

What are some of your favourite book covers?

Christmas Joy

What are some of your favourite things about Christmas?

Being with my family. It has always been important, but since I moved away from home it’s become even more so. The food is also one of the best things.

I will not tag anyone since I wasn’t tagged to do this. But it was so much fun answering these questions and I hope you liked my answers. Merry Christmas!


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