Merlin Watch Along -S01E09: Excalibur

I am sad to say Ampersand Princess had to step down from our #MerlinWatchAlong. However, I have decided to continue. And this also means if someone feels like joining feel free! It is just a short review of one episode a week. If you want to know more, CLICK HERE or ask me 🙂

So let’s go on, here is My thoughts on episode 9:


This is such a good episode! A knight risen from the dead challenges knight after knight. All of them die, but the risen knight cannot be killed. Then the reveals. Who Nimueh is and her connection to Uther and Arthur. This episode has it all.

Tristan De Bois

I love how Arthur can’t accept other knights taking up the challenge definitely made for him. No one should die for him. And when Uther doesn’t give a satisfactory answer Arthur just takes matters into his own hands.

Nimueh’s connection to the Pendragon family was so unexpected (the first time I saw this)! My mind was blown. And you (or at least I) start to dislike Uther so much. He can’t accept his own wrong doings, or that prices, which you can’t always chose, have to be payed.

Excalibur being forged

The ending of this episode, oh that sword, Excalibur. The beginning of the legend. Forged in a dragons breath. This show really knows how to build up to stuff and foreshadow, especially if you are a little familiar with the Arthurian Legends.

Loved this episode! See you next week with The Moment of Truth.



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