Rebolgged: Book Reviewing Isn’t Simple – The Dark Truth of Author Bullying

Everyone should read this. I am sad to see that such things are happening.



*Ok, I’m honestly a little scared of posting this as I don’t want any more harassment from the wrong people…

The above picture pretty much sums up how I feel today.  I’m exhausted and drained from all the horrible things that have happened recently.  I’ve faced cold distant treatment, attacks on facebook and now I’ve been bullied privately, all because I wanted to be honest and help out an author.

Back in October I wrote this post A Tough Decision – Don’t blame the Book Blogger Blame Your Fellow Indies 😦 after facing a load of abuse from some indie authors.  In the post I talked about my tough decision to stop reviewing indie books, but several weeks later, after having only good communications, I took back my ‘no-indie’ policy and started receiving indie requests again.  BEFORE I go on I must point out that this post isn’t talking about all the…

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2 thoughts on “Rebolgged: Book Reviewing Isn’t Simple – The Dark Truth of Author Bullying

  1. This is awful! It’s such a shame authors refuse to take constructive criticism, when the one person who benefits from it the most is them… I understand it might be hard to have someone else criticize your work but that’s the only way you will improve. Plus, no one is attacking you personally (and if they do, that’s just inconceivable). Authors definitely require a really tough skin around but so do bloggers.
    I just hope no one has to go through something like that :/

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