February 2017 TBR

This upcoming month (where did January go?) I will only have a list of three books. I realised four books a month, especially with Wheel of Time, isn’t really possible. If I have the time however, there will be more books of course! But let’s get on with my plans for the upcoming month. Here they are:

Fata MorganaFata Morgana by Steven R. Boyett and Ken Mitchroney

This book, or ARC, is a World War II story mixed with fantasy (If I’ve understood it right). I just had to ask for it on NetGalley, and to my amazement I was approved! (I am still way too surprised when I get approved…)

The story follows Captain Farley, and starts with him on a bombing mission over eastern Germany. Somehow, the bomber he’s on falls into another world, and he gets mixed up in a centuries long conflict among the ruins of a once great civilisation. There is also promise of a love story between the pages.

I really hopes this lives up to my expectations.

At WAt Water's Edgeater’s Edge by S. McPherson

To be honest, I fell for the cover. There’s just something about it. And then I read the synopsis, “Accidently trading places with the most powerful sorceress of the realm Coldivor“, let’s just say it was intriguing. I have no idea what to think of this book. It’s been out since 2015 but only have 71 ratings on Goodreads, so it’s not been part of any hype. Hopefully it will be a hidden diamond.

I was also approved this book from NetGalley.

Shadow rising

The Shadow Rising by Robert Jordan

The forth book in The Wheel of Time, the saga continues. Probably I won’t finish this book this month, but at least I will get through part of it. I am really hoping to get more of Perrin (there was more in the last book, but I want even more!) and Nynaeve. (SPOILERS AHEAD) Rand is quite boring to be honest. The whole story revolves around him, but he’s not that an interesting point of view to read from. If, when, he goes completely insane, then I want to read from his point of view, since that would most definitely be interesting.

Those are the books I want to read in February.
Which book are on your TBR list?


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