March 2017 TBR

Question: Where did February go? This month has just flown by. I haven’t spent the amount of time reading that I would’ve liked to, but the audiobook saved me. I have spent time on campus, group works, tutor training, summer job applications, travelling to and from my boyfriends place… It has been a hectic month. On top of that I had some motivational struggles in the … Continue reading March 2017 TBR

Second Hand Book Haul

So… I did what you shouldn’t do. I went to a second hand bookstore. I didn’t plan on buying anything, I just heard about it and wanted to check it out. So I went there, found the English section, and I was mesmerised. Books for only a couple of euros!

I did restrict myself, and they didn’t have much in the fantasy section (especially not first books in a series). But these are the books I bought:


Chocolat by Joanne Harris

Price: 2.50 €

I have seen this movie so many times, and I cannot get enough of it. It is a beautiful story, with a wonderful pacing. A woman arriving in a small French village and opening a chocolaterie. To do this during Lent is seen a a threat to the good population of the village, and her different view of the world something inappropriate. This story, at least the movie, has left me thinking. I really hope the book lives up to the movie.

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One Lovely Blog Award

Bildresultat för one lovely blog awardThank you so much Sophie from Blame It On Chocolate for this nomination! This award really warms my heart ♡ If you also feel like blaming it on chocolate you should definitely follow her! I know I do 😉

Once again, thank you! This means a lot to me. And to show how much it means, I will now do the things I’m supposed to, starting with the rules…

One Lovely Blog Award

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Merlin Watch Along – Merlin in Need

This is the first time I see this! And I’ve re watched all of Merlin at least three times! This is a Children in Need Special from 2008. So funny! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did! The kingdom is attacked by a monster – Pudsey. It is not a monster of magic, but of charity. How will the kingdom deal with this? … Continue reading Merlin Watch Along – Merlin in Need

Merlin Watch Along – S01E13: Le Morte d’Arthur

And here it finally is, the last episode of the first season! I loved it!


The last episode of the first season. The last episode. You know you’re in for a treat. An episode where Arthur almost dies and Merlin has to take immense risks. We see Uther as we’ve never seen him before – heartbroken. Morgana’s dreams are becoming worse. Everything is put on the line.

Bildresultat för uther carrying arthur
Uther carrying the deadly wounded Arthur

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Power Couples BookTag

Valentines day! How better to celebrate that here on my blog than with looking at some of the fictional couples who are nothing less than POWER COUPLES. There probably are some tags floating around with the same theme, but I decided to make this. Feel free to do it yourself if you want to 🙂 (if you do there is some instruction at the end of this post)

Let’s start!

A couple that share big passions and goals

Bildresultat för riverwind and goldmoon

Goldmoon and Riverwind from the Dragonlance Chronicles. They are made for each other and has gone through more than enough even before we meet them in the story. They share the dream of returning to their people, even knowing they cannot, and work towards the same goal… Which I cannot tell you about because major spoiler.

A couple that love and respect each other

Molly and Arthur Weasley

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Shadow of the Forest

Shadow of the Forest by Emma Michaels My Rating: 1 of 5 stars Publication date: November 5th 2016 I got this beautiful book as an ARC through Xpresso Book Tours. It was…well, a disappointment. This is a very short story, only about a 140 pages, and it still took me 2 weeks to read. My hopes were high, the synopsis made it sound really intriguing. I … Continue reading Shadow of the Forest

A European Book Subscription Box

I stumbled upon this not long ago, FINALLY a European Book Subscription Box! (Not all of us can pay the shipping from the US.) A English book a month that will show up at your door (or post office) together with a few fun things – and you won’t have to pay a fortune. The world is a wonderful place…

So this is the story of Magic Chest, told by the creator herself…

“It first started when I read a few posts from European bloggers. Some of us live in remote Magic Chestplaces and can’t access all the new releases, especially in English. I just love book boxes and have been subscribing to quite a few over the years. But as I live in Germany, there was no possibility of getting a book box from my area, simply because such things didn’t exist here.

 So the whole idea was to give people from Europe the opportunity to get English books of their favourite genre along with other magical bookish items from their region. With less shipping time and lower shipping costs.”


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