Merlin Watch Along – S01E11: The Labyrinth of Gedref

Here it is, the eleventh episode of Merlin! What did you think of it?


Your actions might have consequences you couldn’t anticipate. I think that is the theme of this episode. On a hunt Arthur kills a unicorn, and is welcomed back and honoured as he presents Uther with the horn. Everything seems fine, but soon strange things start to happen. To kill a unicorn is to put yourself under a curse, and this time all of Camelot will suffer.

Bildresultat för The Labyrinth of Gedref
Merlin and the unicorn

This episode really shows the difference between Merlin and Arthur, and how their friendship has grown. Even though Arthur sometimes is way too stubborn, he does value Merlin and Merlin’s opinions. He doesn’t want to believe he has cursed the land, but after seeing Merlin convinced he starts to question it, and late accept it.

Bildresultat för The Labyrinth of Gedref
The starving masses of Camelot

Arthur’s determination and will to protect his country is beautiful. Even though he makes mistakes he does everything in his power to get it right. You can really see what kind of king he could become.

Arthur at the Final Task

The ending, oh the ending! At first you think there will be a huge challenge to find the centre or end of the labyrinth, and that there might be monsters. But instead there is Merlin, sitting at a table with two cups. They are given a riddle, and the first time I saw this episode I had no idea how to solve it! I was completely like Merlin at the beginning:

MERLIN: What if I drink from mine first, and if that’s not poisoned, I will then drink yours?
ARTHUR: He said each of us is only allowed to drink from a single goblet.

And then when they realise the solution, how Arthur sacrifices himself. Thankfully it was just a test, otherwise Merlin and Arthur’s story would have ended here. Love this episode! (Basically, I love almost all of them.)



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