A European Book Subscription Box

I stumbled upon this not long ago, FINALLY a European Book Subscription Box! (Not all of us can pay the shipping from the US.) A English book a month that will show up at your door (or post office) together with a few fun things – and you won’t have to pay a fortune. The world is a wonderful place…

So this is the story of Magic Chest, told by the creator herself…

“It first started when I read a few posts from European bloggers. Some of us live in remote Magic Chestplaces and can’t access all the new releases, especially in English. I just love book boxes and have been subscribing to quite a few over the years. But as I live in Germany, there was no possibility of getting a book box from my area, simply because such things didn’t exist here.

 So the whole idea was to give people from Europe the opportunity to get English books of their favourite genre along with other magical bookish items from their region. With less shipping time and lower shipping costs.”


And the theme for this month is Myths of China. I have no idea what this means for the choice of book. Exciting! There is also a discount code for this first box: RIBBON25

So whatMagic Chest is Magic Chest?

Magic Chest wants to bring more adventures in our daily lives. We want to journey with you through unknown parts of our imagination. That’s why every box contains a new world to explore.

Every box will include a beautifully crafted dragon bookmark.

How much is Magic Chest?

Month-to-Month Subscription: 29,99/per month

Three-Month Subscription : 86,97 €

Six-Month Subscription: 167,94€

Shipping: Germany 4,99€, EU 8,99€ per box

Homepage | FacebookTwitter | Instagram

I have waited for this to happen, and finally it has! Anyone else exciting for this? And if you want to get your hands on the first box, you still have time to order it over on Magic Chest’s webpage!

Magic Chest

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