One Lovely Blog Award

Bildresultat för one lovely blog awardThank you so much Sophie from Blame It On Chocolate for this nomination! This award really warms my heart ♡ If you also feel like blaming it on chocolate you should definitely follow her! I know I do 😉

Once again, thank you! This means a lot to me. And to show how much it means, I will now do the things I’m supposed to, starting with the rules…

One Lovely Blog Award

7 Things About Me

  1. I am watching Open Yale Courses on YouTube and loving it! Not getting enough of my normal studies 😛
  2. When this post is going up I am not in Finland.
  3. My bookshelves are my treasure chest and I like to brag about them.
  4. I’ve tried to get tickets for Cursed Child two times but still no luck.
  5. If I were to solve global warming I would be overly satisfied with my life.
  6. My PlayStation misses me.
  7. I hated chemistry until I had it as a mandatory minor at University, now I kind of like it.

I Press This On

Whimsy Pages


Ribbon Reviews

My Parisian Bookshelf

For once I had no trouble with coming up with 7 things about myself 🙂 Sometimes it takes me ages and it feels like I have nothing fun to say about myself. Hopefully it will be as easy for you, nominees, as it was for me this time to come up with seven things. Cannot wait to see what you write!


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