March 2017 TBR

Question: Where did February go?

This month has just flown by. I haven’t spent the amount of time reading that I would’ve liked to, but the audiobook saved me. I have spent time on campus, group works, tutor training, summer job applications, travelling to and from my boyfriends place… It has been a hectic month. On top of that I had some motivational struggles in the beginning of the month, but I am back. Thank you TedTalks and Yale Open Courses ♥

I also decided to change the layout of my TBR post a little bit. What do you think? (If you realise the change 😀 ) Anyway, here are the books I’d like to read during this month:

Fata Morgana by Steven R. BoyettI didn’t read it last month so now it is highest on my list. Second World War and a pilot flies through a portal. I don’t know more and I am intrigued. Hopefully the story won’t become action-less after leaving a war behind.

The Shadow Rising by Robert JordanI am continuing the epic story in The Wheel of Time with the fourth book. I have already read quite a bit (200+ pages), but since it is a 1000 page book it will take some time.

Jaeth’s Eye by K.S. VillosoGot this from the author in exchange for an honest review. To be honest I hate the cover. It is simply awful. But it has such good ratings on Goodreads I really want to give it a chance (I could edit a cover for myself to look at..). Books two and three are also coming out in the beginning of April, which means it is a perfect time to pick up this series.

The Autumn Republic by Brian McClellanAn audiobook for my bus trips and when I do the dishes. The Conclusion to the Powder Mage Trilogy. Highly recommended for everyone! Cannot wait to hear the conclusion to this story!


2 thoughts on “March 2017 TBR

    1. Glad to hear. This month I’m especially loving The Autumn Republic. It’s the end to an incredible trilogy and I honestly don’t know if I want to read it or not. I don’t want to leas the world and the characters!


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