April 2017 TBR & ARC ReadAThon

About the ARC ReadAThon

An arc readathon is exactly what I need since I did the mistake to go onto NetGalley even though I had a few arcs. Now it’s time to get through all of them! (or at least a few…) This readathon is hosted by Aimal at Bookshelves & Paperbacks and goes on throughout April.

The readathon is meant to cause no stress, just put a little more focus on arcs this month and read as many as you feel like. And if you feel like sharing your arc reading, use #AVAReadathon on twitter and go and talk with people!

To top this off, Aimal is hosting a giveaway for participants! Click over to her blog (click the blog name) to find that one.

So on to the arcs I have collecting dust and I feel bad for not have picked up 🙂

April TBR

Icefall: Episodes 1-6 by Walt Stone and Mica Stone – I fell for the cover. Then I read the synopsis and really liked it. Climate change happened and humans are trying to outlive an ice-age. This feels very right up my alley.

Fata Morgana by Steven R. Boyett and Ken Mitchroney – I got this quite a while ago. And it has been in two of my TBRs already. Ashamed. But the release date isn’t until summer, so I’m not too stressed. A pilot during World War II going through a portal. This throws the main character into a completely different world, different struggles and a different conflict. It feels like this is a bit out of my comfort zone, probably why I haven’t picked it up yet.

Salem’s Curse by Sydney Bristow – This sounded like a decent, quick, entertaining read. Magic, demons, vampires and an oncoming apocalypse. It’s like an episode of Buffy! I really hope this is as enjoyable as I’m hoping.

Nomadplaneten by Emanuel Blume – A Swedish sci-fi. Already that got me intrigued. The main character a Swedish-Kenyan astrophysicist. Love it! Humanity having f*cked everything up and when trying to change something there are traitors. Can it be better? This I didn’t get from NetGalley, but straight from the author in exchange for an honest review.


Merlin Watch Along – S02E05: Beauty and the Beast Part One

Ending this week with the first episode of a two-parter. An episode that has stuck to my memory even from the first time I saw it.


This is the most hilarious episode in maybe the whole series! At least one of the most memorable ones. Sarah Parish, such a beautiful woman, did an amazing job playing Lady Catrina. The way she can switch between being a troll and a lady in a moment. Beautiful. Hilarious.

Uther and Lady Catrina

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Jaeth’s Eye

Jaeth's EyeJaeth’s Eye by K.S. Villoso

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I got this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

I couldn’t decide whether to give this 3 or 4 stars, so I went with 3,5 which rounds up to four. The way this story was told felt quite different. There are multiple perspectives, tons of characters and names that feel very foreign. Have to say I loved the diversity!

To put it shortly, this book sets the groundwork for something much bigger. You get to know all the main players in the story. You get to see the story slowly unfold, and I have to say it was both interesting and frustrating not to know what the story really was about until the second half of the book. That it took half the book before I got my head around the story might also be because there were so many different characters to introduce and follow.

As I said, the diversity in this book was lovely! At least in my mind I saw a very diverse cast. People from Jin-Sayeng looked Chinese, from Gaspar they have dark skin and the people in Kag looked like Europeans (I hope I got all of the countries right..). I loved how you got to travel through the world and see all the different cultures and meet people from different places. Due to this, you also got to see racism. It was a very diverse book indeed.

I also have to mention the use of languages in this. Even if everything is written in English, the characters change between languages. I always love when languages are incorporated in some way into books.

I will definitely continue with this series, as I said, this put up some groundwork. Hopefully the rest of the series will be as good!

Books 2 (Aiana’s Breath) and 3 (Sapphire’s Flight) will be released on April 5th, so this is a perfect time to pick up the first one in the trilogy.

“It has been years since his brother’s accident. Kefier was only just beginning to live a normal life–at least, as normal as it could get for a mercenary from a run-down town. And then an errand goes wrong and he finds himself holding his friend’s bloody corpse.

Already once branded a murderer, he is pursued by men he once considered friends and stumbles into the midst of a war between two mages. One bears a name long forgotten in legend; the other is young, arrogant Ylir, who takes special interest in making sure Kefier is not killed by his associates. The apex of their rivalry: a terrible creature with one eye, cast from the womb of a witch, with powers so immense whoever possesses it holds the power to bring the continent to its knees.

Now begins a tale with roots reaching beyond the end of another. Here, a father swears vengeance for his slain children; there, a peasant girl struggles to feed her family. A wayward prince finds his way home and a continent is about to be torn asunder. And Kefier is only beginning to understand how it all began the moment he stood on that cliff and watched his brother fall…”


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The Autumn Republic

20883847The Autumn Republic by Brian McClellan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The conclusion to The Powder Mage Trilogy, oh what an ending. I am questioning how I will talk about this without spoilers, but I’ll do it!

The first book started with the beheading of the king, and the struggle to create a democracy out of the kingdom’s ruins. Easier said than done.

The second book continued the story in such a strong way at the same time as it put down the groundwork for the third book. There are enemies all around.

This book brought the story to a climax I didn’t anticipate and kept you on the edge of your seat until the end. When looking at my Goodreads notes all I see from the second half of the book is something along the lines of “HOW WILL EVERYTHING BE TIED UP AT THE END?!” McClellan didn’t give anything away.

The characters you’ve grown to love – Tamas, Taniel, Adamat, Ka-Poel, etc. – continue to grow on you throughout this book. They are what carry this story. Well written, strong, struggling. To see their journey felt like a privilege.

Before I finish this I once more have to mention the world – I’ve said it in my previous reviews – loved to see some amazing fantasy not set in medieval times. One of the best series I’ve read (listened to) in a long time.

The capital has fallen…

Field Marshal Tamas returns to his beloved country to find that for the first time in history, the capital city of Adro lies in the hands of a foreign invader. His son is missing, his allies are indistinguishable from his foes, and reinforcements are several weeks away.

An army divided…

With the Kez still bearing down upon them and without clear leadership, the Adran army has turned against itself. Inspector Adamat is drawn into the very heart of this new mutiny with promises of finding his kidnapped son.

All hope rests with one…

And Taniel Two-shot, hunted by men he once thought his friends, must safeguard the only chance Adro has of getting through this war without being destroyed…

THE AUTUMN REPUBLIC is the epic conclusion that began with Promise of Blood and The Crimson Campaign.”


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Merlin Watch Along – S02E04: Lancelot and Guinevere

And we continue with the amazing season 2 of Merlin. Somehow it has developed so much from the first to the second season, I cannot understand. But I love it!

Btw, still, if someone wants to join me with this I would be very happy for someone to share these reviews with^^ Click here for the introduction to see how this was meant to work out.


This episode hit me right in the feels! Oh…oh…Lancelot! That beautiful soul and kindhearted person. He’s exactly what a knight should be. But this episode makes my heart bleed. But well, I shouldn’t start with the end of the episode. Let’s start from the beginning.

Bildresultat för lancelot and guinevere merlin
Guinevere and Lancelot

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