10 Things to Do Whilst Listening to AudioBooks

During the start of this year I have really enjoyed listening to audiobooks. I wanted something for my bus travels, so I looked through my Goodreads tbr shelf and found a book that sounded interesting – Promise of Blood by Brian McClellan. Then I found it as an audiobook and started. I was hooked. I am now a third through the final book in the trilogy and love listening to it.

Listening has become more than just bus-travel, I do it whenever I have the time. Thus I decided to create this list of what to do when listening to audiobooks.

10 things to do whilst listening to audiobooks

  1. Travel by bus/car/train/plane etc. Those boring moments when you go to and back from school, job, friends’ places, use them! It’s an easy way to get quite a lot of listening done.
  2. Doing the dishes. This I do a lot and doing the dishes becomes a lot more fun! Until you have to change water and have to pause the book because water has a lot of sound.
  3. Walking. Take a walk during the evening. Healthy, relaxing and enjoyable. I should do this more often.
  4. Knitting. Yes, I started knitting and now I cannot stop. I clocked 3 hours of knitting time before a lecture last Wednesday. That means 3 hours of audiobook listening.

    Bildresultat för knitting
  5. Cleaning the apartment/house/room. Doesn’t work when vacuuming, but otherwise it is perfect!
  6. Drawing/Painting/Colouring is really good if you are like me and need to do something with your hands. And you have time to colour in those beautiful books you have.
  7. Cooking. This has become standard for me. Living by myself I either have a BookTuber talking in the background or an audiobook playing. Perfect!

    Bildresultat för listening to music while cooking
  8. Shopping. Food shopping can be very boring and a lot of people have a lot of sound. Shut the annoying world out and disappear to some magical place while buying apples and bananas.
  9. Falling asleep. I don’t do this myself, but I know some who cannot go to sleep without an audiobook playing in the background.
  10. Taking care of yourself, which I’d like to do more often… But to give yourself some me-time and put on a good book. Doesn’t it sound amazing!

Basically, you can put on an audiobook at any time you’d normally put on music. You just need to find the right things to do so you still can focus on the story being told. And remember, the more you listen, the more advanced tasks you can do. In the beginning it is easiest so just focus on the audiobook, but suddenly you could almost anything!

Do you listen to audiobooks? What do you like to do whilst listening?


17 thoughts on “10 Things to Do Whilst Listening to AudioBooks

  1. Hey there! Audiobooks are so amazing ❤ they really changed my perspective- and my drive to uni each day 😀
    I do listen to audiobooks while vacuuming and it works just fine but my vacuum cleaner isn't very loud so that may be a reason. I also like cleaning the kitchen or cooking while I listen. Sometimes, though, when a book is really awesome and I don't have to do anything at that moment, I sit down and start painting. It's a great combination that can make a stressful day become a beautiful one ❤ 😀

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      1. Sometimes a little cross-over is just the right thing 😉 it’s usually not my type of thing either but I was positively surprised. My poor, aching heart… I’m glad there will be a sequel 💕 I can really recommend it 🙂

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  2. Love seeing other bloggers getting as much out of audio books as they can 🙂 I love them. Gives me the ability to get through books quicker than normal. Can read and listen to different titles. My favourite time to listen is when eating dinner or, even better, at work. Really makes the time fly at work!

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    1. I also listen when eating, although I quite often read instead. And to listen at work, I think that depends very much on your kind of work. Glad that you get to do it! It is a great way to get through the book fast 😀 What have you listened to?

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      1. In the past few years I have spent a combined total of over 2 months total listening time. I have listened to over a hundred titles. Far too many to list. Some of my favourites:

        The Stand
        The Martian
        The Fear Saga (trilogy)
        The Lies of Lock Lamora
        Alien: Out of the Shadows
        Under the Dome

        I have a list I have reviewed since december kn my blog but have gone through so many more before starting this 🙂 how about you?

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      2. Oh that’s a lot of books! 😀 I’ve only listened to 4 (now listening to my 5th). The Book of Speculation and the first two books in the Powder Mage Trilogy being amazing listenings. During fall I listened to A Wizard of Eartsea but I didn’t continue.

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