Beauty and the Beast – My thoughts

I want and saw the long awaited Beauty and the Beast this last Friday, and oh what a beautiful film it was! I haven’t seen the 1991 animated movie more than once, and that’s at least 10 years ago, so it was like going into this just knowing the big story.

Everyone, probably, knows the story. If not, skip this paragraph since it contains spoilers. A girl taking her father’s place as a prisoner if the Beast’s castle. However, she manages to melt the Beast’s icy surface through friendliness. The village then attacks the castle and the Beast, but Belle manages to save the beast and the spell is broken.

Bildresultat för beauty and the beast 2017

This movie was stunningly beautiful and you really felt like you were in a fairy tale. I have heard people being sceptical about Beast being completely animated, but to me that wasn’t a problem. He was realistic enough to make me cry, and that’s as good a grade as I can give. The song Evermore (sung by Dan Stevens) was maybe the most beautiful piece of music in this movie. Video at the end of this post with the song.


I loved Beast, but what about Belle? I was so excited when I heard Emma Watson was going to play her. To be honest she was the main reason I wanted to see this movie. And oh she was a perfect Belle! The acting, the songs, the character. This has to be one of the best castings Disney has done.

Bildresultat för beauty and the beast belle
Was there anything I didn’t like about this film?

No, I liked everything. It was such a good, magical Friday night and I felt amazing afterwards. But there were a few things I would have liked to see differently. Or to be honest, one thing. I would have loved to see more of Belle’s and Beast’s relationship before the final battle. More of how they changed from enemies to friends. There were so many funny moments, but I’d have loved to see more.

Final rating

Loved this Disney movie. A stunning visual experience. I give it a 8/10.

I really do hope you get the chance to see this movie. It was a really good remake, and now I need to watch the 1991 animated movie as well. 10+ years is a long time. If you have seen it, what did you think? And finally, as I promised, the most beautiful song in the movie (during which I cried).

13 thoughts on “Beauty and the Beast – My thoughts

  1. I need to watch this but I haven’t had time 😕 … not only is beauty and beast my favourite Disney movie (belle is a book 0worm too) but it has Emma Watson!!! She is honestly perfect:
    She is a bookworm ✔️
    A brunette ✔️
    French ✔️
    Great review!

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  2. Oh I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I’ve heard both bad and good things about the movie and so was really confused about what to expect hahaha
    I will definitely try to watch it with an open mind and the fact that Beauty and the Beast is not my absolute favorite Disney movie will help, I think. Otherwise I’d just be too anxious and have too high expectations.
    Great review ^^

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    1. Thank you! I think why it worked so well for me was that I didn’t compare it to the animated one (since I couldn’t remember anything). I’ve heard rumours that they’ll make a Lion King remake, and that I will be sceptical of. My favourite Disney movie of all time!


      1. Yeah I can’t remember much either, which just comes to show how unmemorable it was for me :/
        And really? I didn’t know about that! Oh God, have I been living under a rock this whole time? XD
        And Lion King is definitely my favorite Disney movie too! How awesome that it’s yours as well ^^
        I really don’t think it will work out so well, though… So from what I’ve gathered it will all be CGI, which is a relief, but still. I think it’ll just be super weird. We’ll see!

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  3. OH MA GAAASH FANGIRLING IDAAAH!!!!!1!! I actually cried a few times because I was so happy about it and because it was so beautiful and oh my goodness I’m going to watch it so many times.! Currently geeking on all the interviews and everything….and I want to marry Dan. But I knew that from when he was in Downton Abbey but now even more because oh my goodness and because of the beard. Serlsy.
    Sorry for the geek moment. You didn’t answer your phone girl! *YOUR FANGIRL IN NEED*

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    1. Haha^^ I KNOW! (Sorry for not answering my phone…) This movie was so… so… GAAH! I love it so much! (Thank you for bringing out the complete fangirl in me, no holding back 😉 ) And yeah, I want to watch Downtown Abbey even more now after this!


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