Why I read Fantasy

Fantasy. My one true love.

If you have followed my blog for a while, or just scrolled through it, you should know that I love fantasy. It is the genre that I always go for. Sometimes I branch out, but I’m soon to return. I think a lot of people have that relationship with one (or a few) genres. But how come I love fantasy so much?

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The short answer

It is basically the best genre there is.

The long answer

As with many other’s I fell in love with reading through the Harry Potter books. They started it all for me. I loved the concept of going to another world where anything could be possible. So when I wasn’t reading Harry Potter (or rereading them) I found other books from the library. Tamora Pierce and David Eddings became some of my favourites.

What drew me to these books were the magical and mystical. And the awesome covers. I wanted dragons, adventure, battle between good and evil. They became an escape from reality.

In fantasy, where everything is possible and the struggles are great, I found characters that never give up. If they fall down they rise up again. The fight through the impossible. Many of these characters became role models and heroes to me, and still to this day they mean a lot to me. Even if I don’t go out fighting chaos, I think that subconsciously they have made me a stronger person.

The magic in fantasy is a wonderful thing. It gives you the belief that anything is possible. Even when you know it isn’t real (if you shout Expelliarmus! nothing will happen) it makes you believe. It also makes you appreciate our world, since we at least don’t have the soul of an old dark lord trying to take over the world and the only thing to stop him is throwing a ring into a volcano. With the fantastical elements of fantasy you learn to appreciate the “magic” in our own world.

With fantasy, and especially high fantasy, the journey is the whole story. To go on that journey, to see other places, other cultures (which thankfully is getting more diverse all the time) opens your mind and teaches you to accept others. You get to see distrust between elves and dwarves (again and again) and the consequences of it. You also get to see how everything changes when trust is finally established. If fantasy doesn’t give you a more open mind, I don’t know what does.

Still to this day I love the books with dragons and magic. The ones where I can leave this world behind. As I said, I do branch out from time to time, but fantasy is where my heart lies.

What genre is your love? Why do you love that genre so much?


21 thoughts on “Why I read Fantasy

  1. I resisted accepting my love of all things fantasy for years. People would look at me like I had another head when i started dorking out on it. I finally learned to embrace it but it was a struggle with myself. I love this post for letting my know that my tribe is out there. I just have to find them. 🙂

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    1. I completely understand! There are people out there that really don’t understand fantasy, luckily I have found quite a few friends who love fantasy as much as I do^^

      Keep on loving fantasy ♥


  2. What a fantastic article! I totally see where you are coming from and share this passion! I also have a hard time trying to resist re-re-(rerererere)-reading my fantasy-classics. I just draws me in every time. The only other genre that comes close to fantasy for me personally are good historical fiction books (but that might just be my nerdiness getting the better of me😅)
    I just started with book-blogging and I am glad to have found this great work of yours😊


    1. Re-readers unite! 😀 Oh I want to go through my whole bookshelf once again… I haven’t read that much historical fiction, but I think I’d really like it. Should pick it up…

      Thank you for calling this little piece of writing great^^ And good luck on your blogging adventure!

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  3. Its like you’re playing to my heart strings. Fantasy is absolutely the most captivating genre and I think (with great bias of course) it’s because there no rules. There is a redefinition of physics and danger, while always seeming to maintain to original ‘corruptions’ and ‘heroes’. And Harry Potter? What a world – independent and defined, it is literally like opening a door to another world. Then, while you’re staring at a Hippogriff, a native looks to you like “what, you’ve never seen one?” Like I’m the weirdo!?
    Great article, thank you!

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  4. Somebody just had to say it! haha fantasy is just awesome! I LOVE high fantasy but I start like YA fantasy, too. It is usually a little lighter but also a little more innovative concerning ideas and background of characters. Sometimes, I actually read classics or romance, but as you said, I never stay there very long. Fantasy is just too awesome for that ❤

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  5. Fantasy all the way, for all the reasons you said! I love maigc, dragons, wizards and being taking to new inventive worlds where you can go through a journey with amazing characters. Getting to go on adventures with characters you love is the best part about fantasy 🙂 but the magic also helps!

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  6. Awesome post and always much respect to a fellow fantasy fan!😀

    It’s escapism from the real world, anything can happen in a fantasy world and you can be whoever/whatever you want, you’re not constrained by reality and stuff, anything is possible in fantasy. It’s also the journey fantasy books take you on.😀

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    1. Every now and then I stumble upon people who doesn’t understand fantasy. “Wizards and dragons? Isn’t that for children?” This was my explanation to them. And to be honest, I don’t see how anyone can dislike fantasy 😛 So basically I’m doing the same mistake as they do when I question people’s dislike.

      That way my thoughts falling right out on the keyboard 😀 Anyway, thank you for the kind words^^

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