Jaeth’s Eye

Jaeth's EyeJaeth’s Eye by K.S. Villoso

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I got this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

I couldn’t decide whether to give this 3 or 4 stars, so I went with 3,5 which rounds up to four. The way this story was told felt quite different. There are multiple perspectives, tons of characters and names that feel very foreign. Have to say I loved the diversity!

To put it shortly, this book sets the groundwork for something much bigger. You get to know all the main players in the story. You get to see the story slowly unfold, and I have to say it was both interesting and frustrating not to know what the story really was about until the second half of the book. That it took half the book before I got my head around the story might also be because there were so many different characters to introduce and follow.

As I said, the diversity in this book was lovely! At least in my mind I saw a very diverse cast. People from Jin-Sayeng looked Chinese, from Gaspar they have dark skin and the people in Kag looked like Europeans (I hope I got all of the countries right..). I loved how you got to travel through the world and see all the different cultures and meet people from different places. Due to this, you also got to see racism. It was a very diverse book indeed.

I also have to mention the use of languages in this. Even if everything is written in English, the characters change between languages. I always love when languages are incorporated in some way into books.

I will definitely continue with this series, as I said, this put up some groundwork. Hopefully the rest of the series will be as good!

Books 2 (Aiana’s Breath) and 3 (Sapphire’s Flight) will be released on April 5th, so this is a perfect time to pick up the first one in the trilogy.

“It has been years since his brother’s accident. Kefier was only just beginning to live a normal life–at least, as normal as it could get for a mercenary from a run-down town. And then an errand goes wrong and he finds himself holding his friend’s bloody corpse.

Already once branded a murderer, he is pursued by men he once considered friends and stumbles into the midst of a war between two mages. One bears a name long forgotten in legend; the other is young, arrogant Ylir, who takes special interest in making sure Kefier is not killed by his associates. The apex of their rivalry: a terrible creature with one eye, cast from the womb of a witch, with powers so immense whoever possesses it holds the power to bring the continent to its knees.

Now begins a tale with roots reaching beyond the end of another. Here, a father swears vengeance for his slain children; there, a peasant girl struggles to feed her family. A wayward prince finds his way home and a continent is about to be torn asunder. And Kefier is only beginning to understand how it all began the moment he stood on that cliff and watched his brother fall…”


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