April 2017 TBR & ARC ReadAThon

About the ARC ReadAThon

An arc readathon is exactly what I need since I did the mistake to go onto NetGalley even though I had a few arcs. Now it’s time to get through all of them! (or at least a few…) This readathon is hosted by Aimal at Bookshelves & Paperbacks and goes on throughout April.

The readathon is meant to cause no stress, just put a little more focus on arcs this month and read as many as you feel like. And if you feel like sharing your arc reading, use #AVAReadathon on twitter and go and talk with people!

To top this off, Aimal is hosting a giveaway for participants! Click over to her blog (click the blog name) to find that one.

So on to the arcs I have collecting dust and I feel bad for not have picked up 🙂

April TBR

Icefall: Episodes 1-6 by Walt Stone and Mica Stone – I fell for the cover. Then I read the synopsis and really liked it. Climate change happened and humans are trying to outlive an ice-age. This feels very right up my alley.

Fata Morgana by Steven R. Boyett and Ken Mitchroney – I got this quite a while ago. And it has been in two of my TBRs already. Ashamed. But the release date isn’t until summer, so I’m not too stressed. A pilot during World War II going through a portal. This throws the main character into a completely different world, different struggles and a different conflict. It feels like this is a bit out of my comfort zone, probably why I haven’t picked it up yet.

Salem’s Curse by Sydney Bristow – This sounded like a decent, quick, entertaining read. Magic, demons, vampires and an oncoming apocalypse. It’s like an episode of Buffy! I really hope this is as enjoyable as I’m hoping.

Nomadplaneten by Emanuel Blume – A Swedish sci-fi. Already that got me intrigued. The main character a Swedish-Kenyan astrophysicist. Love it! Humanity having f*cked everything up and when trying to change something there are traitors. Can it be better? This I didn’t get from NetGalley, but straight from the author in exchange for an honest review.


4 thoughts on “April 2017 TBR & ARC ReadAThon

  1. I have 3 ARCs to be published in April that I haven’t even looked at yet, but I am hoping to fix it this weekend. I find that my problem is reading all ARCs and not reading books that I actually purchase 😀 Good luck with the readathon and hope you will get NetGalley shelf under control ❤

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