Merlin Watch Along – S02E05: Beauty and the Beast Part One

Ending this week with the first episode of a two-parter. An episode that has stuck to my memory even from the first time I saw it.


This is the most hilarious episode in maybe the whole series! At least one of the most memorable ones. Sarah Parish, such a beautiful woman, did an amazing job playing Lady Catrina. The way she can switch between being a troll and a lady in a moment. Beautiful. Hilarious.

Uther and Lady Catrina

So, this is the first part in a double-episode. Lady Catrina arrives in Camelot, and Gauis questions her intentions from the start but the king, Uther, is besotted. You soon realise she’s flirting relentlessly with Uther and you are just wondering where this is going. I mean, she’s a troll!

Bildresultat för merlin lady catrina
Lady Catrina

Merlin and Gaius find out the truth and try to convince Uther, but he doesn’t believe it – doesn’t want to believe it. At the same time Catrina realises she’s suspected and performs a love spell. She wont take any risks.

Oh how this changes everything! Suddenly you don’t know if to cringe or laugh or how to react. Everything is going wrong.

Relaterad bild
“Lady” Catrina

In this episode the whole kingdom is at stake. It’s nice to have an episode when it isn’t Arthur’s life that’s at stake. It keeps you at edge of your seat until the end. Then it ends and cliffhanger! Oh cannot wait for the next, I know what will happen, and I want to watch it!



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