Pre-Summer University Stress – How to deal with it?

Yes, this is what has come over me, the pre-summer university stress. Summer break begins in May and suddenly all the teachers realise there is a group work planned for their course. Managing three group works at a time is not something I’d advice people to do, especially when having normal classes as well.

This week has been / will be especially hellish.

  • Monday = 9 hour day
  • Tuesday = 10 hour day
  • Wednesday = 11-12 hour day
  • Thursday = 9 hour day + 2½ hour travel
  • Friday = Do everything I didn’t during the week

Saturday and Sunday are being kept free. I need to take those two days as relaxing days, otherwise I’ll go mad!

My Calendar

So how do I deal with this stress?

  1. Scheduling! This is and will always be my lifesaver! As you can see from the picture I use a paper calendar to get my life together. I’d seriously go under without it.
  2. Sleep. If I didn’t get my at least 7, going for 8-9, hours of sleep I couldn’t do everything I need to get done. This means that even if I haven’t done everything I had planned by 9 p.m. I take an hour free during the evening and go to bed at 10 p.m. If I fall asleep straight away I get 8 hours if I wake up at 6 a.m. and I’ll live through the day.
  3. Food. Eat healthy. Buy something good, like honey dew or make a berry smoothie. Eat proper meals. Snacks can be good, but unless you eat real food you won’t last.
  4. Fun. Even when stressed, you need to have some fun. Watch an episode of something, read a bit, go outside. You want to be mentally stable when trying to cope with stress.
  5. Kill the procrastinate monster (and keep him dead). It requires determination, but it can be done. Usually you spend most of the energy just getting started, so get started and continue until the end. A break could review the procrastination monster.

I hope you have it easier than me. Well, already next week should (hopefully) be easier. Summer is almost here! Let that put strength into you mind, it is soon over…


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