Magic Chest Unboxing – Sailing Across the Sea

The second Magic Chest came to my door! Or well, to my post office and I had to go pick it up, but it is here! This time I had guessed right on the book to be included, and I am so glad! I have heard so much about it on BookTube.

Over all I think I like this box more than the previous one. These are the treasures found in this month’s box:

  1. Gold! Or, fake gold. It was so fun to see the coins glitter between the wrapping material. Such a small thing, so much fun 😀
  2. Compass/Clock necklace. First I hoped there would have been a compass inside as well and not only on the lid, but the clock-face is beautiful and I do think I have more use of a clock than a compass.
  3. Scented candle. Let me just say that thank goddess it is very mildly scented ♥ (I am not a fan of strong scents.) The candle itself is also beautiful. The colour of the Caribbean sea.
  4. Bookmark. Will definitely be used when I read this book.
  5. Signed bookplate. It’s a sticker! Will be put inside the book so I don’t lose it. This means I now have two author autographs 😀
  6. Daughter of the Pirate King by Tricia Levenseller. As I said, I’ve hear so much about this book! Really looking forward to it. And it seems like a quick read.


Desperately waiting for my summer job to start so I’ll earn some money. Still thinking if I can afford the next box with the theme The Huntress and the Beast. Since this box was so much better than the first (at least in my opinion) I really feel motivated to spend some more money! Let’s see what I’ll do…

Have you read/Do you want to read Daughter of the Pirate King?

5 thoughts on “Magic Chest Unboxing – Sailing Across the Sea

    1. Gonna start it soon! The only thing is that I’m trying to get through some arcs atm. Why can’t you read everything at the same time?

      Anyway, looking forward to hearing you thoughts on it^^


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