Merlin Watch Along – S02E08: The Sins of the Father

Another Friday, another episode. This is an episode setting the first building blocks for so many things! A lot of secrets are revealed, and their consequences will show for a long time.


What a beginning! A knighting ceremony is going on and a stranger is killing patrols to get into the castle. Then throwing down a glove, a challenge to a duel, when reaching the ceremony. Arthur demands to get the identity of the knight, and under the helmet is a blond woman hiding.

Bildresultat för merlin morgause

Arthur tries to get out of the challenge, he couldn’t fight a woman (!), but she refuses to step down. The fight itself is soon over, and Arthur does not take the defeat well. Uther is disappointed and when he finds out what Arthur promised to Morgause in the duel, he’s furious.

MORGAUSE: Make me a promise and I will spare your life.
ARTHUR: What is it you ask?
MORGAUSE: Come to me three days hence and accept the challenge I set to you.

When Morgause let slip that she knew Arthur’s mother, Arthur makes the decision to go against Uther’s orders and goes to meet Morgause. And we have reached the moment that builds up for so many things…

Bildresultat för merlin the sins of the father

Arthur, playing with magic. Secrets are revealed. History is coming back to haunt Uther. Plots are set in motion, and relationships set to the test.

Merlin sacrificing Arthur’s belief that magic doers can be good at the end is heartbreaking. Will he ever be able to tell his secret?

This episode was simply amazing. One of the most well written ones in the whole series probably!

MERLIN: Arthur’s thanking me, Uther’s grateful, you’re proud. I’ve never been this popular.



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