Merlin Watch Along – S02E09: The Lady of the Lake

Another episode of Merlin. Another very well-written episode of Merlin. Another episode that sets some building blocks to the groundwork. I hope you liked it as much as I did.


Prepare to have your heart broken. A druid girl caged, Merlin Saving her. She’s someone he doesn’t have to hide from. Oh this story is so beautiful…

Bildresultat för merlin lady of the lake
Freya and Merlin

The hunt for the druid girl goes on throughout Camelot. The bounty hunter doesn’t want to let her go, saying she’s cursed. Gaius asks Melin if he’d something to do with it, and Merlin lies to his face. Gaius being Gaius, still understands Merlin is not telling the truth, but doesn’t pressure for an answer. At the same time killings start taking place throughout Camelot, a beast is on the loose.

Bildresultat för merlin arthur fatI love the Gaius – Merlin relationship. Gaius is becomning more and more of a father to Melrin, and you see again how much he cares for him. It does break your heart a bit when Merlin continues to lie to him.

This episode is also filled with those good Merlin- Arthur moments that just bring the humour into this show. This especially made my day:

ARTHUR: Are those my sausages?
MERLIN: (nods) Mmm.
ARTHUR: You took them?
MERLIN: To keep you in shape.

[Merlin picks up the meat.]

ARTHUR: Are you saying I’m fat?
MERLIN: No. Well, not yet.
ARTHUR: I am not fat!
MERLIN: You see? It’s working.

The episode’s ending is heartbreaking. I think I cried the first time I saw it. Beautiful story. The writers have managed to create so many good episodes following each other now that I don’t know how they will keep it up!



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