Magic and the Muggle World

The Dursleys hate magic. They would prefer it not to exist, but they know it does. So they angrily reject and stubbornly ignore any signs of it in the Muggle world – even when forced to take in their wizard nephew, Harry.

– Pottermore

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
Theme 1
Chapters 1-4
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Source: Pottermore

I love the first chapter of Harry Potter. The normal family and the strange things that happens. Having read it sooo many times and now listening to it, I cannot do anything but appreciate it. It draws you in and you never want to leave.

Separate Worlds

I have to say that it is astonishing how separate the muggle and magical worlds are. They basically have nothing to do with each other. Not even fashion seems to have crossed over (not to mention normal paper and pencils). In the first chapter Dumbledore and McGonagall are dressed in the usual robes worn by the magical community. When reading the books as a kid this just makes the magic more magical, but when thinking about it now I don’t know how to feel. Maybe I’m just used to a very global world.

Thinking about something as simple as the different fashion styles of muggles and wizards, I cannot help to think that there has to bee quite a few wizards with basically no muggle connections. Or at least throughout history there has been very few connections. But since television doesn’t work that well together with magic (magical interference) it might be how the communities have managed to stay so uninfluenced by each other.

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