Reading Only 1 Genre

It seems to be “in fashion” to read books from different genres and quite a few of the youtubers I follow branch out more and more. Diverse books has become something to strive to read. Don’t misunderstand me, these are good things. There is only the issue of me usually not liking the books I read that aren’t in my genre.

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So, I read fantasy. That is what I’ve read since I started reading. I’ve never really read anything else. This means I am very familiar with the classical fantasy setting and stereotypical characters – I love them. This also means that branching out makes me feel like a book often is missing something. Where is the grand battle between good and evil? Where is the unlikely friendship between an elf and a dwarf?

Am I just very blind to everything else out there that is good? Should I force myself to read books outside my comfort zone even if I usually end up not liking them? Am I giving them a fair or unfair rating?

It all comes down to why we read. Is it to educate ourselves or for enjoyment? For me, the answer is enjoyment. I’ve always read because it gives me an escape and lets me join an adventure. I love to read about the fight of good and evil. Reading about people struggling to overcome the wrath of a god (or slay a dragon) is where I find what I’m searching for in books.

This however does not mean I don’t want to read diverse books. What this mean is that there should be more fantasy books that are classified as diverse. I want amazingly written fantasy books filled with genuine characters and a magical story. The theme shouldn’t be that the book is diverse, it should just be part of the book. The same way that diversity is part of our world and not forced upon it. Give me a diverse fantasy book with a fantastic story and wonderful characters.


Heroes and Villains

Heroic and villainous acts have both played a part in Harry’s life, but his first year at Hogwarts shows such things are rarely simple. Unexpected villian or unlikely hero, everyone has choices to make.

– Pottermore

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
Theme 5
Chapters 16-17
The giant wizard chess on the way to get to the Philosopher's Stone.
Source: Pottermore

What they (the trio) go through is unbelievable. Imagine being 11 years old and getting through the tasks made by the professors at Hogwarts! Don’t know if it says more about the trio or the professors abilities. No matter, I still love reading the last few chapters. J.K. Rowling created an amazing end to the first chapter in her amazing story.


There is one moment that stands out more than the rest in the end of this book. When Dumbledore gives ten points to Neville. This is a more subtle kind of bravery, and one that is not as acknowledged in our society. Harry’s bravery is something shown on a pedestal, but Neville’s everyday bravery is something we should strive for. It is the small acts that change our world, not the big ones. This is something I will try to remember after leaving this first Harry Potter book. What lessons the Chamber of Secrets will teach this reread I will have to see.

There are all kinds of courage,” said Dumbledore, smiling. “It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends. I therefore award ten points to Mr. Neville Longbottom.

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How I Chose My Books Tag

Back in my own apartment! This is wonderful! And this means I have time for blogging (and probably more energy). So I got tagged by Jay @ This Is My Truth Now a month ago for this fun tag. Thank you! I loved reading your answers! Hopefully I’ll do as good 🙂 So let’s take a look at how I chose my books.

Find a Book on your shelves or e-reader with a blue cover.
What made you want to pick up this book?

The Novice

The Novice (Summoner #1) by Taran Matharu

I really like the cover of this book, and then I read the synopsis and my hopes were so high! The story is about a demon summoner and his journey. I was imagining gory necromancy and a beautifully crafted tale on the questionable line of good. It wasn’t exactly that. To be honest it wasn’t anything close to that. But well, that was why I picked this book up and I did like it when reading it. I needed some unoriginal stuff in between the Wheel of Time books.

You can read my review here.

Think of a book you didn’t expect to enjoy, but did.
Why did you read it in the first  place?

NomadplanetenNomadplaneten by Emanuel Blume

I was a bit unsure about this, but it was the first (and so far the only) physical book offer I’ve gotten so it basically was impossible to say no. It’s a sci-fi, which is a genre I never really reach for, but I am so glad I did accept this one! It does a great job of covering very relevant subjects today in a futuristic world. Hopefully it will be translated into English. Sometimes it does pay off picking up something you normally wouldn’t pick up.

You can read my review here and an author interview here.

Stand in front of your bookshelf with your eyes closed and pick a book at random.
How did you discover this book?

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Neglected and friendless as Harry was at the Dursleys’, it did at least make him resilient. At Hogwarts, Harry finds himself both popular and admired, quickly becoming something of a ringleader within his trio of best friends.

– Pottermore

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
Theme 4
Chapters 12-15
Bildresultat för the mirror of erised pottermore
Source: Pottermore

So many adventures! I don’t know if I could have survived a first year at school like that. I’d love to go to Hogwarts, but I’d like to go there without being friends with Harry (well, I’m a Ravenclaw so probably wouldn’t have been). The sneaking around during Christmas, Norbert, the Forbidden Forest… And their interest in and conviction no one but them can stop Snape from stealing the stone. These are some strange kids.

Erised stra ehru oyt ube cafru oyt on wohsi

The Mirror of Erised. I wonder what I would see in it. I think we all do. Ron sees himself achieving everything his brothers’ achieved before him, but him being the best. It feels like a naive, child’s wish. Professor Dumbledore sees himself holding a pair of socks… Which most definitely isn’t him telling the truth. And Harry sees his family. That shows maturity and a search that will continue throughout the books. Where is his family? He will find it surrounding him in friends and father figures. It is possible to find your family, if you aren’t lucky enough to have them around you. That is something to remember.

So what would I see in the mirror? I have my family around me. I knit my own socks. I do tend to achieve my goals in school/university. I’ve been thinking about it a lot. But it is difficult, how do you know what you most desire? Hopefully I’d see myself living a happy life. (Or meeting the Queen herself – J.K. Rowling.)

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The Inquisition

the inquisition summoner

The Inquisition (Summoner #2) by Taran Matharu

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Very similar style to the first one. Good story, interesting characters, easy to read, but not a masterpiece. I will however continue this story (it ended on a cliffhanger!).

So this book picks up some time after the first book ended. Not much has happened for our main character, Fletcher, but a lot has happened that he isn’t aware about. Trying to pick up on everything and being thrown into circumstances he cannot control pushed the beginning of this story.

The best thing however is his humanity and empathy. There are quite a few humans in this story with serious lack of those qualities. His trust in everyone, no matter species, is something to learn from.

One of the things that stood out to me was the use of vials (red for health and blue for mana). I just wonder if the author has played a little too many video games while writing this book 😅

“A year has passed since the Tournament.

Fletcher and Ignatius have been locked away in Pelt’s dungeons, but now they must face a trial at the hands of the Inquisition, a powerful institution controlled by those who would delight in Fletcher’s downfall.

The trial is haunted by ghosts from the past with shocking revelations about Fletcher’s origins, but he has little time to dwell on them; the graduating students of Vocans are to be sent deep into the orc jungles to complete a dangerous mission for the king and his council. If they fail, the orcish armies will rise to power beyond anything the Empire has ever seen.

With loyal friends Othello and Sylva by his side, Fletcher must battle his way to the heart of Orcdom and save Hominum from destruction…or die trying.”

– Goodreads

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