First Impressions

From learning he’s a wizard to arriving at Hogwarts, Harry’s wizarding world initiation is fast, so first impressions are important. Receiving his wand, meeting Ron, Hermione and Malfoy, being Sorted into Gryffindor – a lot that happens in those early weeks has a lasting impact.

– Pottermore

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
Theme 2
Chapters 5-7
The Trophy Room
Source: Pottermore

These chapters… These chapters! These chapters are filled with first impressions of the magical world. The wonder of Diagon Alley, Plattform Nine and Three-quarters and the Sorting Hat. No matter if you read it for the first time or the twentieth, you are as amazed.

Arrival at Hogwarts

If I had to chose one thing from the Harry Potter books to experience it would be arriving at Hogwarts as a first year. The tradition of going by boat across the lake is beautiful and gives such a first impression of Hogwarts. Just imagine the castle and its reflection in the lake. Beautiful and magical. I’d love it.

Being sorted would be nerve wracking, Pottermore is a much safer way to be sorted (you don’t have a few hundred people looking at you), but I would definitely do it if it meant I could study at Hogwarts (#Ravenclaw #HousePride). Also, please tell me, is there anyone who would mind attending one of the feasts at Hogwarts?

You have to agree Hogwarts knows how to make an entrance. From the first moment Harry puts his foot close to the school you are filled with wonder. This is something every school should strive for – wonder and excitement. A great welcome would give any student a bag of motivation. There won’t have to be magic or a banquet, but something special to welcome the students back. Maybe ice cream as dessert? Or a chocolate frog?

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