Rant/Discussion – Does Book Blogging Have Restrictions?

Some very good ranting. For me quite eye opening at least


I’ve come to notice that book blogging can put and keep you in a box. Tell me what you think about that.

Look around, there’s a bunch of book bloggers on WordPress alone. There’s clearly a standard most of us think when we come into the blogging community whether it be doing book hauls or book reviews or needing to get ARCs – it’s all a standard misconception. 

How many of the book bloggers are entirely unique. Very, very few. Some stick to book reviews, some don’t do book reviews, some only do giveaways – it doesn’t really matter what certain bloggers do, most are traditional in every sense.

What do I mean by that?

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2 thoughts on “Rant/Discussion – Does Book Blogging Have Restrictions?

  1. This is a really interesting post. I wouldn’t say that book blogging is necessarily stuck in a box, though. I think it has to do with who you, as a book blogger, wants as part of the audience. Personally, I follow quite a few blogs which also feature non-book posts but I never read any of those. I am invested in this community for my love of books. I don’t judge people for blogging about whatever they want to blog about– but I will only spend my time with the things valuable and meaningful to me.

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