About Me


Welcome to my book blog! Here I write about all the books I love, and I have to say, they’re mostly fantasy. If you want to know more about my reading, then you should read My reading history or follow my blog.

If you want to see what I’m currently reading you should follow me on Goodreads. All of my reviews also appear there often much sooner than here on my blog. If I read more than one book a week not all of my reviews will appear here on my blog, but everything is on Goodreads!

It is also possible to follow me on Tumblr and twitter.

When I’m not reading I’m studying to become an Environmental Engineer.

My Rating System

I use the Goodreads rating system.

  1. Star = I did not like it
  2. Stars = It was okay
  3. Stars = Liked it
  4. Stars = Really liked it
  5. Stars = It was amazing


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      1. Oh my, I can’t pick one, where do I begin. I have devoured immortals after dark, lords of the underworld,His dark materials, The hunger games trilogy and even twilight. I love dark romance. What about you?


      2. I have the Harry Potter series but I’ve not read any yet. I didn’t want it to influence my novel. I guess it’s safe to start now I’m revising. Yay, I forgot I had them.
        😬 I’m going to take a look at some of your favourites. 😊


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