About Me

Hello and Welcome!

Cassiopeia’s Moon” is an alias used by the writer of this blog. Why that alias? Because it sound much cooler and fantasy-ish than the real name. So on this blog, written by a fantasy-ish alias, you will find reviews, tags, discussions and anything else book (or writing) related. There will also be a few glimpses of the alias’ life, but those are few and far between.


The main genre that can be found here is fantasy, no matter if it’s children’s, middle grade, YA or adult. From time to time something else can be mixed in, just for the fun of it, but mostly it is just fantasy. Books read are bought, borrowed or arcs, and all of them are getting an equal review process, which includes the alias reading the book and then emptying her heart and mind out onto Goodreads and this blog, with the hope that all the feels will help someone else with their choice of book.

My Rating System

I use the Goodreads rating system.

1 Star ✮ = I did not like it
2 Stars ✮✮ = It was okay
3 Stars ✮✮✮ = Liked it
4 Stars ✮✮✮✮= Really liked it
5 Stars ✮✮✮✮✮ = It was amazing


35 thoughts on “About Me”

      1. Oh my, I can’t pick one, where do I begin. I have devoured immortals after dark, lords of the underworld,His dark materials, The hunger games trilogy and even twilight. I love dark romance. What about you?


      2. Harry Potter will always have a special place in my heart. But other series I love are The Kingkiller Chronicles, Dragonlance Chronicles and Seven Realms series. High fantasy almost never goes wrong with me 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I have the Harry Potter series but I’ve not read any yet. I didn’t want it to influence my novel. I guess it’s safe to start now I’m revising. Yay, I forgot I had them.
        😬 I’m going to take a look at some of your favourites. 😊


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