Destroyed (The Soul Keeper #2) by L.A. Starkey

My rating: 2 of 3 stars

Didn’t think I’d fly through this as fast as I did, but it is quite nice to fly through books (even if they’re just okay). So, in this we continue the story of Sam and how she’s mixed up in the games of the Greek gods. The story takes such an unbelievable turn and I cannot forget about it. If we weren’t reminded of the prophecy’s power on every second page this story would make no sense at this point. Not sure how I feel about that fact.

It is fun to be introduced to more of the gods and see their different relationships, and I like how Starkey has managed to make them feel like some other beings, and not like humans. Too often the gods just feel like humans with superpowers, so great work on making them different!

I will finish this series, but it probably won’t be one to last for me.

“Now I lay me down to sleep,
Whom shall I trust my soul to keep?
If I should die before I wake,
I leave to fate my soul to take.

The seal has been broken and the Soul Keeper Prophecy set in motion. Marcus and Nicolas are battling for the heart of one woman, Pandora’s only daughter; however, not everyone is playing by the rules. With interference from both sides of the lines and too many deities with hidden agendas, the trio must take matters into their own hands and look for another ending, one that removes control from fate.

Can they find the missing page from the prophecy that has the ability to change everything?

Will the new stranger they’ve been given as a guide assist or mislead them?

Will Samantha make a decision on who it is that she truly loves, saving one and destroying the other?

What if her choice is no choice at all?”

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Snakes and spiders are two well-known phobias, and in the wizarding world they are not without foundation – the Forest is home to a dangerous family of arachnids, and snakes have long been associated with Dark Magic. Then there are the unexpected fears – such as Hogwarts without Dumbledore

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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Theme 3
Chapters 11-15
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The mystery is slowly unfolding…  Lockheart is so showing off his non-existent teaching skills. Spiders… Follow the spiders…

The love one can have for animals

Hagrid. Such a kind heart but he just doesn’t understand the difference between pet and monster. This is why we love him so much I think. That heart of gold reaches out to everything around him. He is very much like Newt Scamander in that regard.

I am trying to imagine myself breeding a giant spider in a locker in school. Oh god… that would never happen! But let’s look at it from another perspective than “Hagrid’s stupidity”. Aragog does care a lot for Hagrid and shows him incredible amounts of respect. He knows how Hagrid has saved his life and is grateful for Hagrid’s help in bringing him a family. To be honest it is beautiful.

Hagrid was only a boy, but he cared for me, hidden in a cupboard in the castle, feeding me on scraps from the table. Hagrid is my good friend, and a good man. /…/ He even found me a wife, Mosag, and you see how our family has grown, all through Hagrid’s goodness…

Maybe we should remember that even the monsters can be grateful and that showing kindness to everyone actually might do some good. I don’t think the saying “love conquers all” came from nothing.

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DeceivedDeceived (The Soul Keeper #1) by L.A. Starkey

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I was part of the Book Blitz for the Soul Keeper Series a year ago, and it was on sale during that time. Finally I’ve started reading it and I have to say I am impressed.

Greek mythology, a prophecy you cannot escape, a very likeable main character. Samantha is strong and independent, and I can definitely identify with her. (I was also one of the sporty ones in High School, however, I was never one of the popular ones.)

There are bits and pieces of the mystery spread out through this book, and if you are a good puzzle solver you probably will see a lot of the twists and turns coming. I didn’t see a single one until I was like half a page away from it being reviled, so I don’t consider it a problem.

It is easy, light and has enough of a mystery. There is also romance mixed in, but there is a big price on it. Basically the prophecy rules everything in this world and the characters question it and ask why they are forced by destiny to love someone. Where is their free will?

“They say a soul is the immaterial essence, the animating principle, the actuating cause of an individual life.

But what if you had to share yours with the one person you hated the most?

The soul mate principle states that for every one soul there is another that will recognize its match, hence creating the perfect union.

But what if you had two soul mates, which would you choose?

What if your choices had eternal ramification?

Deceived, the debut novel in the Soul Keeper Series, is a modern day love story about the implications of having more than one soul mate, and having to choose between the two of them. The decisions of the gods has left the next generation, their heirs, torn between fate and reality, and the balance of the future hangs in anticipation of what’s to come.”


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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Harry Potter #2) by J.k. Rowling

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book was so much better than I remembered. Of course all of the Harry Potter Books are amazing! But this one has long been the one that I’ve found the least amazing. This read through though, oh my it was good!

I think everyone knows the story, so prepare for mild spoilers if you somehow don’t know it. Something mysterious and dangerous is happening at Hogwarts. And of course the Golden Trio will get mixed up right in it. We also get to meet some new and wonderful characters, Gilderoy Lockheart, Arthur Weasley and Dobby to name a few. Who can forget Lockheart’s complete lack of teaching ability? And I have to admit I didn’t remember him being THAT in you face with him being a celebrity. Oh my. The Weasley family is now close to complete, and their interactions are wonderful. They definitely are my book family. I would probably be very good friends with Arthur^^ Dobby is so annoying in this book! But he is still lovable. And so annoying. Jeez! Love him!

Now I am going to jump into the third book as soon as possible! Prisoner of Azkaban, here I come!

“The Dursleys were so mean and hideous that summer that all Harry Potter wanted was to get back to the Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. But just as he’s packing his bags, Harry receives a warning from a strange, impish creature named Dobby who says that if Harry Potter returns to Hogwarts, disaster will strike.

And strike it does. For in Harry’s second year at Hogwarts, fresh torments and horrors arise, including an outrageously stuck-up new professor, Gilderoy Lockhart, a spirit named Moaning Myrtle who haunts the girls’ bathroom, and the unwanted attentions of Ron Weasley’s younger sister, Ginny. But each of these seem minor annoyances when the real trouble begins, and someone, or something, starts turning Hogwarts students to stone. Could it be Draco Malfoy, a more poisonous rival than ever? Could it possibly be Hagrid, whose mysterious past is finally told? Or could it be the one everyone at Hogwarts most suspects: Harry Potter himself?”


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