Author Interview: Emanuel Blume

To have a multicultural crew comes quite naturally when it’s an international expedition. I’ve still gotten the a bit bizarre question if it “isn’t a bit too P.C.” to have that many cultures (and women!) represented  in the crew. Emanuel Blume Author of Nomadplaneten Back in May I read a book called Nomadplaneten [eng.: The Nomad Planet], it is now one of the few sci-fi stories I’ve … Continue reading Author Interview: Emanuel Blume

Author Guest Post: K.S. Villoso

Last month I read K.S. Villoso’s Jaeth’s Eye and I was amazed by the world building and the diversity of the world. I asked a few questions and wondered if she’d like to write a guest post about the world. And she said yes! Today is also the release day of both part two and three of this story. I cannot wait to start reading them!

Even if you haven’t read Jaeth’s Eye, you’re just interested in world building, I recommend you to read this. You can tell she loves the world she spent so much time creating.

The Role of Agan in The World of The Agartes Epilogues

The world of The Agartes Epilogues is closely connected to another plane, from which a substance called agan (loosely translated to “blood,” “lifestream,” or “life-force,” depending on who you ask) flows through certain channels, including every living thing (though the connection is very weak for most). Large, natural connections to agan can be found all across the world—connections which can allow the agan to be drawn and transported, like oil. There are also certain people born with a distinct affinity to the agan, to which they can tap into at will—“magic,” some will say, although it really is a lot more complicated than the word will suggest.

Agan allows skilled users to manipulate the physical world in all sorts of ways, from the creation of fire to breathing life to the undead. But the substance is volatile—unskilled users can cause damage to themselves and their surroundings—and creating connections can weaken the fabric separating the physical world from the other plane, allowing more instabilities to occur. This has not stopped certain countries from manipulating it to their advantage. The Empire of Dageis, for example, has taken mastery of the agan to an extreme, including the use of slaves and mage-thralls (lower class citizens with a connection to the agan themselves) as resources. Slaves can get tattoos that enhances a mage’s ability to tap into their lifestream, a process that often drains or kills them.

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