Merlin Watch Along – S02E09: The Lady of the Lake

Another episode of Merlin. Another very well-written episode of Merlin. Another episode that sets some building blocks to the groundwork. I hope you liked it as much as I did.


Prepare to have your heart broken. A druid girl caged, Merlin Saving her. She’s someone he doesn’t have to hide from. Oh this story is so beautiful…

Bildresultat för merlin lady of the lake
Freya and Merlin

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Merlin Watch Along – S02E08: The Sins of the Father

Another Friday, another episode. This is an episode setting the first building blocks for so many things! A lot of secrets are revealed, and their consequences will show for a long time.


What a beginning! A knighting ceremony is going on and a stranger is killing patrols to get into the castle. Then throwing down a glove, a challenge to a duel, when reaching the ceremony. Arthur demands to get the identity of the knight, and under the helmet is a blond woman hiding.

Bildresultat för merlin morgause

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Merlin Watch Along – S02E07: The Witchfinder

A serious episode this time around…


Such an innocent start to an episode. Merlin being bored and just uses some magic. The smile on his face, and the sadness. But then it is destroyed when a woman has seen the magic he performed! Luckily she didn’t see/realise it was him!

Bildresultat för merlin the witchfinder
Merlin’s using magic

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Merlin Watch Along – S02E06: Beauty and the Beast Part Two

This is the second and final episode of the Beauty and the Beast story line (you can check Part One here). The hilariousness continues…


Part one left off with the marriage of Uther and Catrina. There is a troll on the throne and a love spell at work. Catrina knows Merlin knows her secret and she manages to get him accused of stealing. Merlin is forced to flee (or hide). The only thing that can save him is the truth.

Bildresultat för merlin lady catrina
Lady Catrina and King Uther

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Merlin Watch Along – S02E05: Beauty and the Beast Part One

Ending this week with the first episode of a two-parter. An episode that has stuck to my memory even from the first time I saw it.


This is the most hilarious episode in maybe the whole series! At least one of the most memorable ones. Sarah Parish, such a beautiful woman, did an amazing job playing Lady Catrina. The way she can switch between being a troll and a lady in a moment. Beautiful. Hilarious.

Uther and Lady Catrina

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