Sunday Shoutout #7

Last month I read A Wizard’s Forge by A.M. Justice. It is a mix between fantasy and science fiction, and while reading there were some things about the world that left me confused (it was so not stereotypical). However, now I’ve gotten answers!

This Week: AM Justice

“human survival in a marginal environment was not a story I was interested in telling. I wanted to write a revenge narrative involving a young woman, her tormentor, and a long-standing feud between her nemesis and her adoptive family, and I wanted to keep the focus there, without the distraction of a daily battle for food, water, or breathable air.”

Source: Knownearth vs Earth:
Another Look at the World of A Wizard’s Forge

A Wizard's Forge


Sunday Shoutout #3


One of the blogs I’m following is DANCROSSBOOKBLOG, you should read it, and this week he’s written something really great – an article about fantasy (CLICK HERE for the blog post and HERE for the article). I too have felt like fantasy isn’t always considered a “real” genre, and I think many of us fantasy lovers do.

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