My reading history

The beginning

In 2003 I was 8 years old and reading wasn’t my strong side. Already I was a fan of Harry Potter, my father had read the first four books to me, and my mother got a brilliant idea – if I read one Harry Potter book I would get a big Lego set (those that cost 100€)! So that summer, since I loved (and still do love) Lego, I started reading.

I remember lying in our boat on one of the old, blue mattresses. We were on our way to a pizza restaurant, dad was sitting on the boat’s roof, steering with his feet. The sun was shining. I had my Harry Potter book with me. I was reading.

I read the first four books that summer.

Maybe I should add that I didn’t get four Lego sets. I was an idiot and asked for other stuff.

The years before high school

After that one summer I never went anywhere without a book. The Book Bus came to school once a week and every time I found something new and interesting. It didn’t take me long to read every fantasy book they had for kids and I had to find something else. So what did I do? I started looking in the adult section. There I found authors like David Eddings and Raymond E. Feist.

Soon I also found a book club, Fantasyklubben, completely devoted to fantasy. It was incredible! I new about everything coming out in Swedish or translated into Swedish. But it lasted only about 2-3 years before the book club closed. This was about the same time the last Harry Potter book came out in Swedish.

When I entered junior high I didn’t know which books were coming out, and living 20 km from the nearest bookstore didn’t help (this was before internet had become an every day thing). This lead me to rereading all of the books on my bookshelf as well as spending a lot of time in the library. I became a rereader.

High school and beyond

Entering high school I didn’t want to reread everything one more time but I didn’t know what to pick up. That and the fact that I actually had to study for my classes (especially advanced mathematics) to keep up threw me into a reading slump.

Now was the time I begun to watch TV shows, but I can’t for my life remember what I watched. Internet also took up more of my time.

After high school I binge watched Doctor Who, Merlin and Sherlock. But the reading slump continued. In the year between high school and university I came back a little and read a few books, and a bunch of manga. But when I went to uni I went back into my reading slump. (Chemistry on uni level was hard! Especially since I didn’t study it in high school…)

January 2016 I found BookTube, and BOOM! Everything changed! I went crazy with book buying and put my Goodreads goal to 40 books. To keep the fire going I started this blog in the end of June 2016.

To be continued…


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